BearCat Mfg.

BC-502 Asphalt Distributor

BearCat BC-502 Computerized Rate Controlled Asphalt Distributor

Computer Rate Control

Computer Rate Control
CRC system controls the asphalt pump and monitors truck speed, distance traveled, flow rate and spray bar width. Exact and consistent spread rates within 0.01 gallon (± 1%) per square yard are achieved.


Cab controled spraybar functions
Operator controls all spray bar functions inside the cab including On-Off control of spray in 1-foot increments, Wing lift and side shift of spray bar, Asphalt Valve sequencing for all spray/circulate functions, Mirror view positions, and the new Taper Switch function which cuts or ads spray valves in sequence for tapered shots across the spray bar.

Flush System

auto flush system
The on-board 30 gallon tank provides heated, reusable solvent for efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning of the spray system. Air operated computer controlled asphalt circulation valves and solvent flush valves automatically purge and flush the spray system and pump with a single cab control. At the end of the job, simply select Auto Flush and head for the barn while the computer flushes the system.

Breakaway System

Wings break away forward or backward to prevent damage
Wings break away forward or backward to prevent damage. A small cotter pin holds the wing in position and shears in the event a wing hits an obstruction. Push the wing back into position, replace the cotter pin, and back to work with no mess. Limit switches prevent accidental spray when wings are in the upright position.


custom built retrofittable spray systems
BearCat manufactures 800 to 8000 gallon tanks or retrofits the SuperSpreader to your tank truck. We build many new systems on used trucks. We move old systems to new trucks. Older BC-501 spray systems can be upgraded to the BC-502 computer system. Rear assemblies (shown) can be shipped to remote locations and installed.


insulated steel asphalt tanks
Constructed of 10 gauge steel with rolled heads and baffles. Mineral wool 2" insulation with aluminum jacketing. Overflow well with 20" manhole and rollover protection built to USDOT Specifications 49-CFR-173.247. Lightweight tanks are available made with 12 gauge steel.


10 guage steel asphalt tanks with heat flues
Heating system options provide a choice with LPG or diesel burner{s). Additional electric heat, both (AC Plug-in) and (AC or DC continuous) are available as well.

Spray Bar

Full circulating spray bar with hydraulic wings
Full circulating spray bar with hydraulic wings, bar lift and side shift. Wings break away forward or backward to prevent damage. Single, Double, and Triple Folding wings are available for extended coverage up to 24 feet.

Heated Asphalt Pump

BearCat's positive displacement heat jacketed asphalt pump
BearCat's positive displacement asphalt pump is built specifically for handling liquid road products. System includes all valves to load. tank circulate. bar circulate. spray. hand spray, and unload. Pumps are available in 300GPM, 400GPM (standard), 500GPM, and 600GPM (Crumb Rubber). The standard pump is jacketed and heated by engine coolant.

Spray Valves

Standard linkage or optional Tri-Valve cylinders
Internal poppet spray valves are immersed in hot asphalt providing instant spray when valves open. Standard Tri-valve cylinders or optional mechanical linkages are used to actuate spray valve poppets.
Tri-valve cylinders are used to actuate spray valve poppets.

Full circulation spraybar

Tri-Valve Manifolds

internal regulator.
Tri-cylinder manifolds are used for poppet valve control. Individual cylinders actuate poppets in an enclosed atmosphere. Poppet actuation is not affected by outside asphalt and road grime build-up. They are rugged in construction and require no adjustment. Fingers also available for selective actuation of poppet valves.


Spray Bar Length

Sauer-Danfoss Plus1 CAN network communication
The overall bar length is optional from 12' to 24'. Each spray bar is custom built and has a customer name when it is assembled on the spray bar fixture.

Pneumatic Mirrors

Sauer-Danfoss Plus1 CAN network communication
The operator controlled mirror provides an unobstructed view of the spray bar position. The air operated mirror has 4 pre-set positions for instant adjustment from highway to job site. The mirror is extra large (11" x 7") for a better job site view.

Passenger side and driver’s side mirrors are available

Folding Wings

Sauer-Danfoss Plus1 CAN network communication
Optional wing combinations with single, double, and triple fold combinations. Wings consist of an "inner" (first fold), “mid" (second fold), and an "outer" (third fold). On a double fold the second fold is considered an "outer".

Inner fold optional 2' to 4'
Mid fold optional 2' to 4'
Outer fold optional 1' to 4’

Mechanical Spray Bar Linkage

Sauer-Danfoss Plus1 CAN network communication
Standard linkage" is the original single air cylinder mechanically actuating three poppet valves. "Finger linkage" is the same design with release fingers to eliminate poppet valves in the cylinder actuation process.

Line Markers

Sauer-Danfoss Plus1 CAN network communication
A single individual controlled spray valve mounted on the end of each wing. Used to mark intersections, turn radius, start and stop lines to make jobs look more professional. A handy feature for spot patching. Increases bar spray width by 4". Line marker control in cab has a momentary spot control and is inclusive with the master control.

Packed or Sealed Pump

Operator display advanced color TFT 240 x 400 pixel
Left view shows the shaft seal of the “packed” pump. A packed pump uses compressed graphite rope to seal the pump shaft. This is a typical high temperature shaft sealing method. Rope packing requires a slight leak (2 drips per minute) to lubricate the shaft. The right view shows the "modified" or sealed pump. The seal is a high temp lip seal that requires no maintenance.

Bar Feed Hoses

chip spreading function control switches
Standard bar feed hoses are rubber. Rubber bar feed hoses (left view) are rated to 350° and are good for most applications including intermittent use of paving grade or hot asphalt. For continuous or extended use of hot asphalt or rubberized asphalt, the stainless bar feed hoses (right view) are recommended.


The operator station hydraulically moves left/right
Diesel fired or propane? Diesel are the most popular and heat fastest. Propane are popular for a cleaner burn. Propane requires additional frame space to mount the fuel tank. Special refueling trips may be required. If you are building a small or short truck there may not be enough room for descent sized propane tank.

Electric Heat

Dash panel is directly in from of the operator
Electric heating is available in several options:

A hydraulically powered generator is available for on the fly heating. This system can also be plugged into facility power for overnight heating.

Non generator powered systems are available for overnight heating only with many voltage options to meet your specific needs.

Load Hose

Dash panel is directly in from of the operator
The hose trough on the tank is standard but it will show up empty if you don’t choose a load hose. They come in different lengths, diameters, and rubber or stainless steel. 2½", 3" and 4" diameters are available. Rubber hoses are rated to 350° and are good for most applications including intermittent use of paving grade or hot asphalt. For continuous or extended use of hot asphalt or rubberized asphalt, the stainless hoses are recommended.

Side Load Valve and Swivel

air cleaner
An extra load valve added to the intake plumbing and mounted at the back of the hose trough with a swivel. Nice feature for quick loading or storing of the load hose. Hose stays attached to the swivel at all times. Just grab the free end, pull it out of the trough and attach to transport. When finished, return free end back to the trough.

Hydraulic Spray Bar Latch

Dash panel is directly in from of the operator
Replaces the hand bar latches for transport. Spray bar hanger supports take a lot of abuse when trucks leave the line to return to the asphalt tanker to refill. This abuse compounds with a spray bar longer than 18'. With this option the operator can hydraulically latch the bar up from the cab between trips.

Wet Tool Box or Nozzle Box

air cleaner
Wet tool box (left) mounted to the frame and sealed to store your wrenches and tools in a bath of cleaning fluid or diesel.

Nozzle box (right) contains a screen basket divided into 4 sections that stores your nozzles in a solvent bath for easy removal. Basket hooks on the side of box for drainage. Below is a covered glove box.

Specifications for the BC-502/CRC Asphalt Distributor



• Elliptical shape
• 1000 to 5000 gallon capacity 'With all seams electrically welded.
both sides
• 10 gauge steel with 8 gauge rolled heads and baffles with
staggered openings
• Mineral wool 2" insulation with 0.04" aluminum jacketing
• Sampling valve
• 24" no-slip. grip-strut on catwalk, and on rear and lop mounted
• Rollover protection built to USDOT specification 49·CFR 173.247
• Tank mounting is single blade bolster design


• Overflow well! with 3" drain
• 20· diameter manhole with hinged, quick-opening cover fitted with
high temperature gasket


• Float type gauge with 50 gallon increments readable from ground
and cab rear view mirror
• Measuring stick with 50 gallon increments


• Dial and pencil thermometer
• Aluminum fenders (single or tandem)
• Tool box


Fill line with quick connect coupler
• Heated asphalt pump rated at 400 GPM
• Heated rear tank valve
• Distributing lines are high temperature hoses and ·0· ring seals
from circulating system to spray bar
• Hand spray system with 50' x 3/4" flexible hose and aluminum wand
with cold handle and 2 nozzles. System is reel mounted with a
swivel connection.


• LPG or diesel burner
• Stainless steel, full S" flue
• Diesel, LPG


• 25 gallon on-board tank provides heated reusable solvent for cleaning spray system and pump.
• Computer controlled and air valve actuated flush system that when actuated purges the spray system, flushes the spray system and pump with the on-board reusable solvent and returns the solvent to on-board tank.
• 10 gallon wash-down tank and spray hose.


As a part of product improvement, BearCat Mfg. Inc. reserves the right to make changes in any of BearCat’s product specifications at any time. BearCat. Mfg. Inc.


Full circulating spraybar with hydraulic wings, bar lift and shift with
switches front and rear
• 12' spray bar with 8' center section with two 2' folding wings
• Double wings available to 24'
• Wings break away forward and backward to prevent damage
• Limit switches to prevent accidental spray when wings are in the
upright position
• Internal poppet spray valves on 4" centers
• Nozzles are V-slot brass in various sizes
• Electric air ON-OFF in l ' increments
• Bar latches for travel


• PTO. RPTO or crank shaft driven hydrostatic pump driving
hydraulic motor direct-coupled to 400 GPM asphalt pump
• 20 gallon hydraulic fluid reservoir with sight level gauge


Cab Controls

• CRC system with digital readout ± 1% per square yard
• Computer control of all distributor functions (spread rates within
om gallon)
• Circulate/spray master switch
• Magnetic speed measurement
• Spraybar hydraulic controls
• Taper Cut controls that add or cut spray control valves in sequence across the spray bar with the actuation of a single switch
• Built in computer and component diagnostics

Rear Controls

• Burner controls
• Spraybar hydraulic controls


• 10 gallon air pressurized tank dispenses biodegradable solvents


• Spray Bar Length
• Finger Linkage (Per Foot)
• Four-Way Mirror
• Double-Fold Wings
• Triple-Fold Wings
• Individually Controlled Line Markers (Pair)
• Hydraulic Spray Bar Latch
• Tri-Cylinder Valves
• Low Maintenance Pump
• Stainless Steel Flex Bar Feed Hoses
• LPG Burners With 50 Gallon Tank
• Diesel Burners
• Low Density Watt Electric Heat (AC Plug)
• Beacon Light
• Front Tank Suction
• Second Tank Float Gauge
• Trailer Towing Hitch Package
• Trough Mounted Load Valve and Swivel