BearCat Mfg.


The BearCat foaming system installed on an existing batch plant can increase your profits by reducing the amount of asphalt required to pre-coat.

Hot asphalt greatly expands when foamed to cover aggregate evenly then shrinks. The result is perfectly covered aggregate without the excess asphalt that forms clumps.

Control Panel

aggregate foaming pre-coat controls
The spraybar system when mounted in your drum replaces the existing feed pipe. During foaming opperations the asphalt and water is metered by a computerized control panel installed in the control house through an externally mounted asphalt pump.

Pump System

foamed asphalt precoat pump
The small spread rate required for precoating chips is dificult to control with existing batch plant pumpning systems, thus the reason for the external pump. The external pump is mounted in parralell with the existing system so that returning to normal asphalt production can be a simple twist of a couple valves.

Spraybar Replaces Feed Tube

pug mill foamed asphalt spraybar
The spraybar in the drum is capable of delivering the required asphalt output for normal production.

Foaming Nozzle

assembling foamed asphalt plumbing
Spraybar shown with guard removed.

Heat Traced Spraybar

foamed bitumen spraybar with heat trace
The bar is heat traced using the existing plant hot transfer oil.