BearCat Mfg.

BK-250 Rubberized Crack Seal Machine

250 Gallon Rubberized Crack Sealer

Simple, Rugged, Time Tested Design

rubberized asphalt melter pot
The "ALL-DIESEL" logo on the machines shown in
this brochure is your assurance of the safety and convenience of single-fuel operation. No gasoline, propane, or other in flammables are needed.

Rugged, dependable 3-cylinder diesel engine provides power for KRACKER hydraulic and electrical systems.

Forced Heat Transfer Oil Circulation

heat transfer oil forced circulation
All KRACKER machines include a closed indirect heating system with absolute flow control. This exclusive feature raises cold sealant to application temperature in as little as 1 hour for most materials.

BENEFITS ON THE JOB SITE: * Quick startup. Idle crew time is kept to a minimum while waiting for sealant to heat. * More production per shift. The greater heating capability and efficiency of the KRACKER'" system means higher work output per hour on every job.

Easy Load Doors

Easy Load Doors
Two sealant loading doors, comfortably above
ground level, are easily reached from either
side of the machine. Door safety latches
comply with D.O.T. regulations for Elevated
Temperature re Materials.

Convenient Controls

Convenient Controls
Operating controls are centrally located at the rear of the machine for quick, convenient access on the job. Within easy reach at any time are: • Sealant circulation valves • Pump control • Burner controls (note operating and safety instructions on control box lid) • Application wand • Tank valve • Temperature gauges • Auger control

Enclosed high pressure diesel burner with automatic ignition virtually eliminates chance of fire or explosion.

Hose Boom

hHose Boom
The Hose Boom relieves the operator of the wieght of the hose while helping to minimize wear from dragging on the ground.

Heated Hose Storage Box

Heated Hose Storage Box
Hose is warmed during initial heatup in the Storage box.

With BearCat's environmentally compatible flush free system, no solvent flushing is needed at the end of a shift. There is no need to carry solvents on board the KRACKER further enhancing the over-all operational safety of these machines.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control
Temperature Control Panel is convenient and simple to operate.

Set the desired product temperature and unit controls burner to achieve and maintain desired temperature.

BK-250 Crack Sealer Specifications

bk400 kracker dimensions bk250 dimensions tar pot


  • Sealant tank, max gals     250
  • Diesel fuel, gals    24
  • Hydraulic, gals    24
  • Sealant Heating System

  • Heating time, ambient to 375°F, in minutes 45 to 60 (Note 1)
  • Heat input, BTU/hr Melting Rate 375,000 (Note 1)
  • General

  • Tank openings, inches, 21W x 36L.
  • Engine, 3-cylinder diesel.
  • Tires, 9.50 x 16 (E).
  • Suspension, Rubber torsion axles.
  • Brakes: standard Electric, optional Hydraulic surge type.
  • Lights Comply with applicable Federal Motor Carriers regulations
  • Dry weight, lbs, 3600
  • Gross weight, lbs (Note 2) 5800

  • Depending on your needs, you may choose one of the standard All-Diesel machines described in this brochure, or a larger capacity, up to truck-mounted sizes. Propane-fueled Versions are also available. Whatever your choice, you tan be sure your KRACKER is built with BearCat's advanced engineering and rugged construction. BearCat quality and solid design are respected throughout the highway maintenance industry around the world. That is your assurance of dependable production on job after job in the years ahead. The exclusive KRACKER heating system provides usable sealant in as little as one hour after a cold start. Your crews no longer need to waste valuable and expensive production hours while waiting for sealant to heat. Add the time saved at end-of-shift with the FLUSH-FREE system. and you can see how a BearCat KRACKER will quickly add many man-days to your production schedule.