About Us
About Us
1970 Ken Hill, President of BearCat and co-founder Don Carson with the first fully cab-controlled liquid asphalt distributor in Klamath Falls, OR.

About BearCat Manufacturing

BearCat Manufacturing was established in 1969 by Ken Hill and co-founder, Don Carson. Hill worked as a distributor operator for Don Carson at Bearcat Trucking in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He modified the existing truck so that all functions could be controlled from the cab. Later, Hill built his own spray bar with poppet spray valves and break-away wings—which we still use today!

Hill and Carson partnered together to create BearCat Manufacturing and started building asphalt distributors for the public. In 1977 Hill took over Carson’s half of the partnership and moved the company to Wickenburg, Arizona.

BearCat Manufacturing has been building highway maintenance equipment since the 1970s. Since its inception, its technical innovations have spurred higher performance levels throughout the industry. For example:

  • Computerized Rate Control for asphalt distributors raised speed-rate accuracy and eliminated operator calculations and adjustments.
  • The computer-controlled one-person Chipspreader continues to set new records of high-production performance and speed rate accuracy wherever it goes.
  • The all-diesel crack sealing machine has never been surpassed in sheer volume or daily production.

BearCat’s machines can be found working throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe. The global acceptance of our products is the best indicator of the consistent quality of BearCat’s equipment.

We see ongoing progress such as new green machines, new materials, and ever-evolving techniques as we head into the future.

When Ken Hill opened BearCat Manufacturing, he was never reluctant to get out in the field and help his customers keep their jobs moving. He believed that BearCat equipment should be dependable and productive, designed for ready maintenance, and supported by an inventory of replacement parts and service. His vision has carried forward to today. BearCat manufactures reliable production precision asphalt maintenance equipment that offers world-class customer service.

About Us