Cold-in-Place Recycling

BearCat Best Serves Customers with Our Custom Equipment Options

The road maintenance industry requires multiple tools, vehicles and equipment to safely and efficiently operate. From chip spreaders to asphalt distributors, you can find the machinery you need with BearCat Manufacturing. Moreover, BearCat strives to offer the best for our clients through our custom equipment. No matter your equipment needs, we can provide the piece of machinery to fit your exact preferences. Call BearCat today to discover the custom equipment we offer!

SP-200 Roadtec Spray Paver

Unique to standard road paving equipment, the SP-200 Roadtech Spray Paver helps simplify and condense the asphalt laying process. Rather than applying several layers of asphalt, followed by several layers of aggregate, our spray paver combines the two steps. Known as “spray paving,” this process of asphalt application has several advantages, such as:

  • Stronger bond to roadway surfaces
  • Increased efficiency of application process
  • Requires less time and labor to complete
  • Less risk of contamination or premature pavement failure

To learn more about this unique piece of road maintenance equipment, click on the image below.

Precoat Chip Foaming System

The chip seal process is two parts: the application of asphalt and the application of aggregate over layers of asphalt. However, there are methods for improving the bond between aggregate and asphalt, creating a more durable roadway surface. Using BearCat’s Precoat Chip Foaming system, aggregate chips can be coated with asphalt before being applied to the road. Hot asphalt expands greatly as it foams to cover the aggregate evenly and then contracts. The result is a perfectly covered aggregate without the excess asphalt that forms lumps. Learn more about this system and its features by clicking the below image.

Cold-in-Place Recycling

BearCat Manufacturing produces custom equipment to help contractors easily refresh and update roadways. Our Cold-in-Place Recycling system helps recycle old asphalt and converts it to usable recycled asphalt on the spot. The Cold-in-Place Recycling system attaches to BearCat’s RoadTec RC-500. As it moves forward, the system grinds off the top few inches of old asphalt pavement. The old asphalt pavement is then crushed and mixed with an asphalt recycling agent, additives and water. Once the resulting mixture is heated to an appropriate degree, it is reapplied to the roadway surface. If you’d like to see more about this system and Cold-in-Place Recycling, click the image below.

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