Crack Sealers Arizona
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Guarantee Quick and Effective Asphalt Repair with Crack Sealers in Arizona

Asphalt repair is an essential service every asphalt contractor offers. However, the difference between the quality and care of repair is the ability of contractors and the equipment they use. And when it comes to supplying asphalt contractors with the best equipment available, count on BearCat Manufacturing! Our crack sealers for Arizona contractors are unmatched in their speed, durability and efficiency. To ensure you can keep up with client demands for asphalt repair, call BearCat today!

Why Does Your Business Need Crack Sealers?

Not only are the advantages of crack sealers helpful for your clients, but asphalt crack repair is an affordable yet profitable service contractors can offer. In truth, there’s no limit to the crack repair jobs you’ll see as an asphalt contractor. For example, crack sealers offer benefits like:

  • Slowed Asphalt Deterioration – When cracks form in pavement, this is the first sign of asphalt deterioration. Unfortunately, if left alone, cracks can worsen and create further pavement deterioration problems. However, sealing cracks when they appear can negate the impact of cracks and slow the deterioration of asphalt.
  • Extended Pavement Life – In preventing and delaying deterioration, you also extend the life of your pavement. Staying on top of crack repairs can prevent asphalt from unraveling and reverse some of the effects of age, traffic, and climate on asphalt.
  • Increased Driver Safety – As you can imagine, driving on cracked and crumbling pavement can be dangerous and detrimental to your vehicle’s condition. For instance, driving over crumbling asphalt can kick debris into your undercarriage, causing potential damage to your vehicle. Additionally, cracked and uneven pavement can be difficult to walk over and lead to unfortunate accidents. Thankfully, crack sealers help bind your pavement and keep it together.
  • Greater Cost Savings – While all these benefits are great for your clients, how do contractors benefit from an investment in crack sealers? As far as crack repair goes, the labor and materials required to implement it are minimal. Thus, the cost of offering crack repair is much less than other asphalt services. Not to mention, crack repair is a sought-after service, so you’ll always be able to offer it at prices that are fair to clients and profitable for you.

BearCat’s Best!

BearCat’s crack sealers for Arizona businesses are top-of-the-line, offering modern features and conveniences not found in other crack-sealing machines. With BearCat’s BK-250 and BK-400 Rubber Crack Sealing Machines, operators can achieve higher production rates and lower costs per shift with every asphalt repair project. Our crack sealers’ most notable features include:

  • Sealant tank capacity of 250-400 gallons
  • Easily accessible sealant loading doors
  • Easy-to-operate computer control system
  • Environmentally friendly flush-free system
  • Heated hose box for immediate application of sealant
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel-oil burner with automatic ignition
  • Closed indirect heating system with absolute flow control
BearCat's yellow Crack Sealers for Arizona contractors

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Perfect your business’s asphalt repair services with the best crack sealers in Arizona from BearCat Manufacturing. To learn more about our crack sealers or additional asphalt equipment, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients in Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and throughout the United States.