Best Crack Sealers
A BearCat crack sealing machine, one of the industry's best crack sealers

Effectively Manage Crack Repair with the Best Crack Sealers

Crack repair is a popular service requested of most asphalt contractors. However, this quick and simple service becomes more challenging without the right equipment. To ensure you can keep up with client demands and continue offering effective and high-quality asphalt repair services, your company requires fast-heating crack seal machines. As luck would have it, the best crack sealers are always available with BearCat Manufacturing.

Why Do Your Clients Need Crack Repair?

In truth, there are many asphalt maintenance services in addition to crack repair. Even a service such as asphalt resurfacing can resolve issues with cracking pavement. However, crack repair is still incredibly effective for maintaining asphalt in the short term and is a service that’s easier for your clients to manage. Some benefits of offering asphalt crack repair include:

  • Reversing Deterioration – Although outright pavement deterioration can’t be stopped, it can be significantly slowed with preventative maintenance services. For example, repairing cracks helps prevent more cracks from growing, leading to crumbling pavement and potholes.
  • Adding to Pavement’s Lifespan – By sealing cracks and preventing further break-down of a pavement’s surface, you increase the longevity of asphalt. In turn, your clients can keep their lots and roadways in better condition for much longer.
  • Creating Safer Driving Conditions – As mentioned, cracked pavement can eventually result in crumbling and potholes. Not only are these issues unsightly, but they cause unsafe driving conditions. Vehicles passing over cracked and crumbling pavement have less traction, creating a greater risk for auto accidents. Crack repair can prevent these problems before they occur.
  • Affordable for Contractors – Crack repair is likely one of the easiest and most affordable of an asphalt contractor’s offered services. The most expensive part to crack repair is the initial investment in a crack sealer. Afterward, the materials and labor required for crack repair are minimal, meaning the cost to provide service is significantly low.
  • Affordable for Clients – Cost-saving for labor and materials affects not only contractors but their clients as well! By keeping the operation costs for crack repair low, contractors can offer the service for affordable prices and still make a profit.

Using BearCat’s Crack Sealers

Having the best crack sealers enables contractors to not only offer crack repair services but also ensure crack repair is completed with greater speed and precision. BearCat’s quick-start, fast-heating crack sealers provide high production value at lower costs per shift. You can choose our BK-250 or BK-400 and benefit from features such as:

  • Sealant tank capacity of 250 to 400 gallons
  • Two easy-to-access sealant loading doors
  • Operator-friendly computer control system
  • Heated hose box for immediate application of sealant
  • Environmentally compatible flush-free system
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel oil burner with automatic ignition
  • Closed indirect heating system with absolute flow control
One of BearCat's best Best Crack Sealers

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