Crack Repair
BearCat MFG offers the top equipment on the market for Asphalt Crack Sealing

Crack Repair: An Essential Service for Asphalt Contractors

As an asphalt contractor, one of your goals is to keep roadways safe as well as thinking about your own business. While your major services like chip sealing, asphalt installation, and seal coating are important to your business, the smaller repair services can be beneficial, too. A service like crack repair is a great addition to your business. And BearCat Manufacturing is committed to helping you have the best equipment for the job.

Why Crack Repair Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Though crack repair is not the most extensive service offered by asphalt contractors, it is effective for maintaining and preserving asphalt in the short term. That’s because your customers need regular asphalt repair and maintenance. Whether for a residential roadway or commercial lot, crack repair provides several benefits:

  • Pavement Preservation. Cracks in pavement are early signs of potential issues but aren’t immediately alarming. Repairing existing cracks prevents further asphalt deterioration by blocking moisture and chemicals from seeping under the surface. Whether done alone or alongside other paving services, crack sealing can significantly extend the longevity of your pavement.
  • Curb Appeal. Cracked pavement detracts from the overall impression of a property. For commercial properties, appearance is crucial for attracting customers and maintaining a professional image. Crack sealing repairs pavement before it crumbles further, preserving a property’s curb appeal.
  • Entry Pavement Service. Clients often recognize the need for repair when cracks appear. Crack repair is a popular first choice for addressing pavement issues before considering other preservation options. It is affordable for both contractors and clients, ensuring consistent repair jobs for your business.

The BearCat crack repair machine is designed to meet the needs of every operator and job. Our crack sealers are among the most productive in the industry, offering quick start-up, excellent heating capacity, and full compliance with DOT regulations. Features of our BK-250 and BK-400 Rubber Crack Sealing Machines include two sealant loading doors, door safety latches, centrally located operating controls, a hose boom to minimize ground wear, and more.

About BearCat MFG

Founded in 1969 by Ken Hill and Don Carson, BearCat MFG was born from a vision to create the best equipment for the asphalt paving industry. Our history is marked by a spirit of innovation, beginning with modifications to existing trucks for in-cab function control, and evolving to designing custom spray bars with pop spray valves and breakaway wings. Ken and Don established a tradition of excellence that the BearCat MFG team continues to uphold. We are committed to giving you the right equipment for your needs, every time.

Crack Repair

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