Crack Repair
A red crack sealer manufactured by BearCat

Crack Repair is an Essential Service for Asphalt Contractors

As an asphalt contractor, you only want the jobs that produce the most profit for the least amount of labor and materials. However, it’s still beneficial to offer smaller repair services that clients can choose from instead of essential services such as chip sealing, asphalt installation or seal coating. For example, crack repair is a simple service to implement but one that many clients look for. Ensuring you have the right equipment for crack repair allows you to respond to clients’ needs quickly and have them come to you for more asphalt services. See what BearCat Manufacturing has to offer when acquiring crack sealers for your business.

Why Crack Repair Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Although crack repair isn’t the most extensive service offered by asphalt contractors, it’s an effective method for maintaining and preserving asphalt in the short term. Whether requiring crack repair for a residential roadway or commercial lot, it offers benefits such as:

  • Pavement Preservation
    • Cracks in pavement aren’t an immediate cause for alarm. While they are signs of potential issues further in the future, repairing existing cracks ensures asphalt deterioration doesn’t get worse. By filling or sealing cracks in pavement, moisture and chemicals are prevented from getting under the surface. Done alone or in conjunction with other paving services, crack sealing can extend the longevity of your pavement.
  • Curb Appeal
    • When pulling up to a home or business, cracked pavement doesn’t give off the best impression of the property you’re visiting. For commercial properties, appearances are especially important to attracting more sales and creating a sense of professionalism. Thankfully, with crack sealing, pavement can be repaired before crumbling further, and your property’s curb appeal won’t suffer as a result.
  • Entry Pavement Service
    • For the most part, clients will know what they want when pursuing service from an asphalt contractor. However, cracks are often the first sign of a lot or roadway needing repair or maintenance. As such, crack repair is a popular first choice for repair before considering other pavement preservation options. Not to mention, crack repair is affordable for contractors and clients alike, ensuring consistent repair jobs for any contractor.

BearCat’s Crack Sealers

The BearCat Crack Sealer machine is designed to fit every operator and job. Our crack sealers are some of the most productive in the industry, offering quick start-up, excellent heating capacity, and being fully compliant with DOT regulations. Additional features of our BK-250 and BK-400 Rubber Crack Sealing Machines include:

  • Two sealant loading doors
  • Door safety latches
  • Centrally located operating controls
  • Hose boom to minimize wear on the ground
  • Easy-to-operate temperature control panel
  • Rince-free system
  • 250- or 400-gallon tank capacity
A BearCat asphalt crack sealer used for Crack Repair

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