Asphalt Repair
A crack sealer, part of BearCat's asphalt repair equipment

Equip Your Company with the Best Machinery for Asphalt Repair

As an asphalt contractor, you likely receive dozens of weekly calls from clients seeking asphalt repair. While such a service is something every contractor should offer, having the best equipment for the job is another story! Thankfully, when selecting asphalt paving machinery from BearCat Manufacturing, you can find the equipment that best fits you and your clients’ paving needs. If you want to offer the quickest and most efficient asphalt repair in your area, count on BearCat’s machinery.

Why Clients Need Asphalt Repair

Ideally, your clients will understand the reasoning behind maintaining asphalt lots and roadways. However, as an asphalt contractor looking to provide the best service, your clients must be well-informed on the problems they face with pavement in disrepair. Some of the most important reasons for maintaining asphalt include:

  • Driver and Pedestrian Safety
    • If you’ve ever driven over a crumbling street before, you understand how harmful it can be to your vehicle’s suspension and undercarriage. Not to mention, if your roadway is falling apart, the likelihood of vehicle accidents is significantly increased. And if a driver or pedestrian can place the blame for an accident on the roadway condition, you might face civil litigation. Thankfully, these issues are easily avoidable with consistent asphalt repair.
  • Aesthetic Value
    • The sight of a freshly paved roadway is aesthetically pleasing for many. Not to mention, properly maintained lots, streets, and driveways reflect the professionalism of the businesses or organizations maintaining asphalt. However, keeping your roadways from becoming an eyesore without asphalt repair services can prove challenging.
  • Cost-Saving Benefits
    • To keep the costs of maintaining a roadway low, it’s easy to cut or reduce the amount of repair and maintenance applied to asphalt. However, the consequences of not maintaining asphalt can cost you more in the long run. Services such as crack repair are affordable and simple for contractors (with the right equipment) to perform. However, if asphalt damage is ignored and gets worse, you face potentially higher repair or replacement costs in the future.

Equipment to Get the Job Done Right

BearCat strives to offer the best equipment for the repair, maintenance and preservation of asphalt. Since 1969, we’ve developed innovative and advanced designs for asphalt machinery, much of which has influenced today’s industry standard! If you wish to provide proper asphalt paving, crack sealing, or chip seal services, BearCat supplies such equipment as:

A BearCat Asphalt Distributor, useful in the Asphalt Repair process

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Asphalt repair is an essential service every asphalt contractor should offer to clients. To ensure you have the right equipment for providing the most effective maintenance of asphalt roadways, talk with BearCat Manufacturing. You can learn more about our products by calling 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.