Asphalt Repair
Asphalt Repair

Looking for the Best Equipment for Asphalt Repair?

BearCat Manufacturing offers some of the most dependable and trusted equipment for asphalt paving, maintenance, and asphalt repair. For over 50 years, we have supported paving companies by engineering asphalt repair equipment with superior manufacturing experience and excellence. Count on us for top-rated asphalt distributors in Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, and across the United States. In addition, we also provide some of the best asphalt crack sealers available in the world. Also, we strive to create solutions catered to the needs of our customers. So, your company can pick whether you want to take advantage of our equipment for rent or for sale. Plus, you can even order custom equipment! Email BearCat Manufacturing today to inquire about our world-class asphalt repair equipment or to request a free estimate.

Why Do You Need Asphalt Distributors for Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt distributors play a critical role in pavement maintenance and asphalt repair. After all, they apply the bond coat the serves as the glue for all the layers of asphalt. In fact, they enhance the bonding of individual pavement layers, allowing them to combine as one, unified piece of pavement. As a result, the pavement features greater strength and durability. Some of other great benefits that asphalt distributors provide for asphalt repair include:

  • Reduced surface-course sliding.
  • Less top-down cracking.
  • Minimized pavement distress.
  • Better overall bonding for existing and new layers of pavement.

How Do Crack Sealers Benefit Asphalt Repair?

Crack sealers are also essential to contractors who provide asphalt repair services. Timely crack sealing maintains safe, functional roadways and prevents further damage. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should invest in crack sealers for your asphalt repair business.

  • Greater Customer Relations
    • Crack sealers can help you bring your customers cost savings and greater longevity for the life of their paved surfaces.
    • Your customers will appreciate delaying the cost of complete pavement resurfacing with the quality asphalt repair our crack sealers will help you to deliver.
  • Better Waterproofing Solutions
    • Crack sealers create a waterproof barrier, keeping moisture from seeping into the base layers of the asphalt.
    • The structural integrity of the asphalt will also hold up longer with the help of our crack sealing equipment.

Trying to Find Chip Seal Equipment?

BearCat Manufacturing has you covered whether you need equipment for asphalt repair or chip seal services. We offer top-rated chip spreaders in Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, and throughout America. The benefits of using asphalt chip spreaders for maintenance and asphalt repair include the following.

  • Cost Efficiency – Asphalt chip spreaders allow you to complete projects more quickly and with less manpower required.
  • Greater Pavement Longevity – Chip seal services utilizing chip spreaders can add as much as 12 years to the life of existing pavement.
  • Safety – Chip seal pavement is more resistant to skids than conventional asphalt roads and offer safer overall driving conditions.
  • Glare Reduction – Chip seal surfaces reflect less light than asphalt pavement, reducing eye strain from glare for drivers.
Asphalt Repair

Get the Best Equipment for Asphalt Repair

BearCat Manufacturing machines deliver some of the greatest performance and durability when it comes to equipment for asphalt repair. Contact us today to request more information or free quotes for our asphalt repair equipment. In addition, you can reach us by calling 928-684-7851.