Asphalt Equipment for Sale
An Asphalt Distributor, part of BearCat's asphalt equipment for sale

Discover Top-Rated Asphalt Equipment for Sale

The success of your asphalt paving business is two parts: the first being the skill, experience and training of your contractors. The second part concerns the machines, vehicles and equipment your company uses. Can your equipment keep up with client demands? Does your machinery significantly improve the productivity of your crew? If these are questions you can’t confidently answer, it might be time to replace your asphalt equipment. When searching for top-rated asphalt equipment for sale, BearCat Manufacturing has you covered!

The Machinery Your Company Needs

To offer your clients the broadest range of asphalt repair, paving and maintenance services, you need the equipment that matches the job. At BearCat, we offer a range of high-quality, high-function machinery designed to supply superior asphalt services. Our primary equipment offerings include:

  • Chip Spreaders
    • Chip seal paving is a popular asphalt treatment option that businesses, city municipalities, and property owners prefer. However, to offer chip seal service, you require the machinery to do so. It starts with BearCat’s Tandem Chippers. Our chip spreaders have some of the highest production rates in the industry, with features like high-capacity belts, folding rear hoppers, computerized rate controls, and more.
  • Asphalt Distributors
    • Contractors require distributor trucks for the quick and convenient application of liquid asphalt and other liquid paving materials. BearCat’s asphalt distributors are unmatched in their capacity, speed and productivity. You can choose our BC-502 Distributors for standard asphalt applications, our granulated rubber asphalt distributors for specialized spraying or our asphalt pull trailers.
  • Crack Sealers
    • When managing the repair and maintenance of asphalt surfaces, contractors rely on crack sealing machines. BearCat’s BK-250 and BK-400 are some of the best crack sealers available. Our machines have excellent heating capacity, offer quick start-up, and fully comply with DOT regulations. Operators can easily manage crack repair services with the convenience and versatility of BearCat’s crack sealing machines.
  • Custom Equipment
    • Beyond our standard asphalt equipment for sale, BearCat develops custom equipment for some of the more unique paving services asphalt contractors offer. For example, our SP-200 Roadtec Spray Paver combines the functions of distributors and chip spreaders into one machine. Or, our Cold-in-Place Recycling Systems help contractors convert old asphalt pavement into usable liquid asphalt while on-site.
A Chip Spreader, part of BearCat's Asphalt Equipment for Sale

Talk with Our Team

If you are on the hunt for asphalt equipment for sale, ensure you choose durable and high-quality equipment from trusted manufacturers in the asphalt industry. Give the experts at BearCat Manufacturing a call today! You can contact us at 928-684-7851 to learn more or request a quote. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.