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Achieve Quick and Efficient Asphalt Paving with BearCat’s Asphalt Distributors

Few pieces of machinery are more critical to an asphalt paving contractor than the asphalt distributor. Asphalt paving is the primary service of any paving contractor, and ensuring you have the right equipment for the job is essential to your business’s success. As such, BearCat Manufacturing supplies the best asphalt distributors in the industry, in addition to other asphalt machinery. Discover the advantages of a BearCat asphalt distributor!

The Role of Your Asphalt Distributor

Asphalt distributors are a crucial component of sealcoat and chip seal construction. Primarily, sealcoating or chip sealing is done to protect, repair, and maintain existing roadways. BearCat’s line of distributors helps streamline the road maintenance process.

  • Transport Liquid Asphalt
    • Moving asphalt from one location to the next is no simple job. Moreover, considering the temperature you must maintain to ensure asphalt is usable, few pieces of equipment are up to the task. Thus, asphalt distributors are equipped with powerful heating systems that keep your liquid asphalt at the perfect temperature, ensuring it’s ready for use on any job site.
  • Quick and Even Application
    • Without asphalt distributors, applying liquid asphalt to roadways would be a long and challenging process. Not to mention, ensuring coats of asphalt are evenly applied to roadways would be near impossible. Thankfully, a distributor’s spray system quickly and evenly applies liquid asphalt to any road or pavement surface. And whether part of or attached to a truck, asphalt application is a relatively fast process.
  • Chip and Seal or Sealcoating
    • You’ll often find contractors using asphalt distributors to lay the first or second layers of asphalt in preparation for a chip spreader. After distributors apply liquid asphalt to a road, the asphalt acts as a glue for aggregate that shortly follows. Whether sealcoating a street to protect and extend its lifespan, or chip sealing to repair old and neglected roadways, your asphalt distributor is a crucial component.

BearCat’s Asphalt Distributors

At BearCat, we strive to create equipment to meet the needs of operators, allowing for simple and quick job completion. Whether a road maintenance crew, contractor or municipality, BearCat’s Asphalt Distributors are the preferred distributor for clients in Arizona, Iowa, California, New York and throughout the U.S. Some of our distributors’ best features include:

  • Closed loop hydrostatic pump drive system
  • Heating system with heated asphalt pump
  • State of the art Computer Rate Control (CRC)
  • Tri-valve manifolds
  • Unloading and breaking systems
  • Steel tanks with sizes from 1,000 to 5,000 gallons
  • Spray bar and spray valves

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Ensure the most crucial component of your sealcoating and chip seal operation is the best available in the asphalt industry! To learn more about BearCat Manufacturing’s asphalt distributors or our other road maintenance equipment, contact us today at 928-684-7851. Also, we are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.