Asphalt Machines
A BearCat Cracker, one of BearCat's asphalt machines

Select from the Best Asphalt Machines in the Paving Industry

Asphalt paving services are some of the most necessary road maintenance services throughout the U.S. The upkeep of our roadways is essential to ensuring the safety of drivers, attracting business, and protecting our environment. Thus, you require the latest and greatest asphalt paving equipment as a road maintenance company or municipality. And when it comes to asphalt machines for sealcoating and chip seal services, BearCat Manufacturing has you covered.

The Equipment We Offer

Whether applying liquid asphalt to pavement or repairing cracks in asphalt, BearCat has the equipment you require to meet your client’s needs. All our asphalt machines are some of the best rated in our industry, with durability, simplicity and affordability all crucial factors. Examples of our equipment include:

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • Without an asphalt distributor, transporting and applying liquid asphalt is a near impossible task! Thankfully, BearCat’s distributors make moving and applying asphalt easy. Our machines’ heating system keeps asphalt ready for use, with a hydrostatic pump and sprayers to apply even coats of asphalt to any surface. Additionally, our distributors’ computer rate control system makes it easy to control and operate each system.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • After spraying asphalt, aggregate is applied to the surface via chip spreaders. Whether chip sealing or sealcoating your roadways, both processes work to protect and maintain roadways throughout the U.S. Furthermore, by utilizing BearCat’s chip spreaders, you ensure precise and quickly implemented aggregate application. Our machines are low maintenance, highly accurate, and minimize potential aggregate waste.
  • Crack Sealers
    • Road maintenance crews must act fast with repair services when cracks appear on the pavement surface! Thankfully, BearCat offers state-of-the-art crack sealers to repair and maintain parking lots, roads and highways. Crack sealing is essential to increasing the longevity of asphalt pavement and is a highly requested service of most asphalt contractors.

Get the Most Out of BearCat

BearCat offers contractors the best in custom asphalt machines, stock equipment, and equipment rentals, in addition to selling asphalt distributors, chip spreaders, and crack sealers. Since 1969, BearCat has served clients throughout the paving industry with the latest and greatest asphalt paving machinery. Moreover, as the industry evolves to offer greener and cleaner asphalt paving solutions, we continue to adjust our equipment offerings accordingly.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best asphalt machines in the asphalt paving industry! To learn more about BearCat Manufacturing’s equipment offerings, contact us today at 928-684-7851. Also, we are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.