Top-Rated Asphalt Machines
Top-Rated Asphalt Machines

Stand Out from Other Contractors with Top-Rated Asphalt Machines

Whether you’re starting an asphalt contracting business or looking to expand your current asphalt ventures, you need the right equipment. Unfortunately, selecting reliable asphalt machinery isn’t always easy. Some machines don’t have the functionality you need, while others are too expensive! To cut the difference and enable contractors to offer chip sealing and other asphalt services, you can find top-rated asphalt machines anywhere in the U.S. with BearCat Manufacturing.

Why Choose BearCat Equipment?

As a part of the asphalt industry, you’ve likely seen or heard about BearCat equipment before, and it’s no wonder! BearCat Manufacturing leads the way in developing high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-operate asphalt products. As such, with BearCat equipment, you can expect:

  • Precise Digital Controls
    • BearCat MFG was one of the first companies to adapt equipment controls for asphalt distributors to the cab of their trucks. From there, creating convenient methods of control of our asphalt equipment became one of our main objectives. To this end, all our machines feature digital controls that allow for precise adjustments to our equipment’s systems.
  • Exceptional Durability
    • Upkeep for asphalt equipment is already challenging. And if you can’t keep your machinery in working order, keeping up with clients’ demands is near impossible. That’s why BearCat equipment is designed with strength and durability in mind. Our machines are meant to last a lifetime, and our team provides extensive parts and product support long after your purchase.
  • Record-Setting Performance
    • Few manufacturers can match the same performance levels for their equipment as BearCat’s machinery. We understand the needs of asphalt contractors across the U.S. Whether you require a machine that can provide fast production rates, evenly layer coats of liquid asphalt, or ensure long-lasting crack repairs, BearCat MFG has you covered.

BearCat’s Best!

Whether for asphalt crack repair or complete asphalt restoration, BearCat MFG can supply your business with top-rated asphalt machines and systems to streamline numerous asphalt paving processes. Our main asphalt products include:

  • Asphalt Distributors – The BC-502, known as “The Legend,” is the best distributor in the asphalt industry! Our asphalt distributors come equipped with an adjustable spray bar, internal heating system, computerized rate control, and a steel tank with capacities between 1,000 and 4,500 gallons.
  • Chip Spreaders – There’s no chip sealing without aggregate asphalt chips! And to guarantee quick and even application of aggregate chips across any pavement surface, you can rely on BearCat’s Tandem Chippers. Our chip spreaders feature computerized speed controls, high-capacity belts, adjustable spread hoppers, and more.
  • Crack Sealers – Few crack sealers can outperform BearCat’s Rubberized Crack Seal Machine. Our BK-250 and BK-400 come with varying capacity options, are all-diesel, quick to start, easy to operate, and unmatched in their output volume and daily production.
  • Custom Equipment – Besides our mainline products, BearCat MFG produces various custom equipment and systems to optimize the asphalt paving process further. For example, our SP-200 Roadtec Spray Paver combines the functions of a distributor and chip spreader in one machine.
Top-Rated Asphalt Machines

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