Chip Seal Paving
A BearCat Chip Spreader used for chip seal paving

Support Your Company with the Best Chip Seal Paving Equipment

Implementing quick and effective pavement repair and maintenance is essential for a road maintenance crew or asphalt contractor. Thus, having the right equipment ensures straightforward paving jobs and gets you on from one project to the next. And when it comes to chip seal paving, no one supplies better machinery than the experts at BearCat Manufacturing. We manufacture convenient, durable and highly efficient equipment for asphalt contractors throughout the United States.

Why Chip Sealing?

While there are other methods for managing asphalt pavement’s durability and lifespan, chip seal paving is one of the most effective and affordable. For contractors and clients alike, chip seal services provide fast maintenance of roadways and lots without much hassle. Here are a few reasons your asphalt company should invest in chip and seal.

  • Greater Durability
    • Even with consistent care and repairs, cracks and crumbling can develop on any asphalt surface. Asphalt deteriorates over time between extreme temperatures, constant traffic, and direct exposure to UV rays. However, you can further strengthen and protect your roadways when the first cracks appear via chip sealing. Chip seal covers and fills defects in asphalt, increasing the durability of pavement and extending its longevity.
  • Simple Installation
    • As long as your team possesses the correct equipment, chip seal paving is a simple service to implement. Not only will clients prefer chip sealing for its quickness and affordability, but contractors prefer it for its use of recycled materials and minimal labor required. By keeping material and labor costs low, those savings are passed on to clients, making it a popular service for most roadway upkeep.
  • Safer Roadways
    • In addition to chip sealing being easy and affordable to implement, it also improves the safety of your roadways. The combination of asphalt and chip aggregate creates a skid-proof layer over any surface, thus limiting the risk of slipping due to ice and moisture. Furthermore, chip seal surfaces are anti-glare, increasing driver visibility on sunny days or in dark conditions with high-beam lights.

The Best Equipment for the Job

Your company will have difficulty offering chip seal services without the right equipment. Thankfully, BearCat Manufacturing produces some of the most advanced, high-quality chip seal equipment in the asphalt industry. Our machine offerings include:

  • Asphalt Distributors – The first step to chip sealing is the application of liquid asphalt to a lot or roadway’s surface. This process is completed via BearCat’s asphalt distributor trucks and trailers. Our distributors come standard with steel tanks, spray bars, heating systems, computerized rate control and more.
  • Chip Spreaders – After liquid asphalt is applied to a roadway, aggregate chips are spread over the surface, bonding with the liquid asphalt to create a durable and long-lasting seal. BearCat’s chip spreaders apply aggregate chips consistently and evenly over pavement. Our Tandem Chipper features computerized speed controls, high-capacity belts, etc., for making chip spreading simple.
  • Custom Equipment – BearCat offers specialized equipment for unique chip seal jobs besides our standard chip seal equipment. For example, our Roadtec Spray Paver combines the application of liquid asphalt and aggregate chips into one step! Or, our cold-in-place recycling system helps recycle old asphalt and converts it into usable asphalt on the spot.
A BearCat Distributor used for Chip Seal Paving

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