Chip Seal Paving
If you're in the business of asphalt, you need the best Chip Seal Machines Tennessee has to offer, and the best Asphalt Chip Spreaders in Arizona. After all, Bearcat MFG offers the top Chip Seal Paving and chip and seal equipment in the market. That's BearCat Manufacturing.

Get the Best Chip Seal Paving Equipment with BearCat MFG

For road maintenance crews and asphalt contractors, being able to implement quick and effective pavement repair and maintenance is essential to running a great business. The right equipment ensures straightforward paving jobs and allows your team to move on to the next project efficiently. For your chip seal paving needs, there’s no better equipment than BearCat MFG. Our products are the durable and highly efficient machines asphalt contractors need to get the job done right.

The Benefits of Chip Sealing

While there are several methods for dealing with asphalt repairs, chip seal paving is highly effective and a more affordable option. Chip sealing is fast and easy. This process is great for ensuring your roads are more durable, protecting cracks and crumbles from worsening by filling defects and covering the repair work. It ensures safer roadways, fixing any breaks in the asphalt with a skid-proof layer over the surface.

BearCat MFG offers all of the equipment you need to tackle the job. Our machines include:

  • Asphalt Distributors: Our distributors have steel tanks, spray bars, heating systems, computerized rate control, and more. These tools allow your team to apply liquid asphalt to a roadway’s surface, which is the first step for chip sealing.
  • Chip Spreaders: BearCat’s chip spreaders apply aggregate chips evenly over pavement to create a bond with the liquid asphalt, which will seal the pavement and keep it protected.
  • Custom Equipment: BearCat MFG also offers the Roadtec Spray Paver, which combines the liquid asphalt and aggregate chip steps into one.

Our History

BearCat Manufacturing has been a top name in the road maintenance equipment industry since 1969. We manufacture convenient, durable, and highly efficient equipment for asphalt contractors throughout the United States. We are proud to say our highway maintenance equipment offers technical innovation and high-level performance for the road construction industry. No matter where you are, you can trust that our world-class equipment has your business covered.

Bearcat MFG offers the top Chip Seal Paving equipment in the market

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