Equipment New Asphalt Contractors Need
BearCat Manufacturing offers all of the Equipment New Asphalt Contractors Need for their construction and maintenance projects.

The Equipment New Asphalt Contractors Need for the Job

Asphalt construction is an imperative part of keeping roads running smoothly. If you’re considering becoming an asphalt contractor, your job will be a critical part of an industry that ensures roads across the United States are repaired, maintained, and updated safely. This type of career is necessary for roadways. As you’re searching for the right asphalt equipment to get started, you need to understand what you need in your arsenal to get the job done right. BearCat Manufacturing is the name you can trust when you’re looking to get started. That’s why you can trust us when you’re looking for the equipment new asphalt contractors need for the job.

Asphalt Distributors

Asphalt distributors are must-haves for your road paving, construction, or maintenance project. But you don’t want to choose just any asphalt machine on the market. BearCat Manufacturing offers top-rated asphalt distributors that perform accurately and efficiently every time. Our equipment is designed to help your road maintenance crews spray between 1000 and 4500 gallons of liquid asphalt safely and precisely onto highways, roadways, and parking lots. BearCat distributors are legendary in the asphalt industry, and we offer standard asphalt distributors, specialized granulated rubber asphalt distributors, dust control spray systems, and pull trailers that can haul up to 20 tons of material. Our distributors are durable, high-performing, and provide superior maneuverability and power.

Chip Spreaders

Chip spreaders provide an easy and effective method of roadway maintenance and repair. One of the important pieces of equipment new asphalt contractors need in their fleet is a chip spreader, which allows road maintenance crews to safely seal cracks to pavement and extend the life of a road or lot by up to 12 years. Chip sealing is a process of layering asphalt to roadway surfaces and finishing it with several layers of fine aggregate. However, it takes specialized equipment to do it right, which is why you need a chip spreader. Chip sealing is fast and effective, and ensures fewer materials and less labor is required, leading to a time and cost savings.

Crack Sealers

Like chip spreaders, crack sealers are imperative for protecting asphalt roads. Cracks lead to potholes and deterioration of roadways and driveways, which can lead to safety issues. But rather than tackling a costly replacement job, this asphalt equipment effectively seals the cracks in roadways. And crack sealers reduce costs and time while keeping roads and lots safe. Our crack sealers are highly efficient machines, with a fast-heating and -circulating system that leads to less idle time for crews and higher production. Crack sealing is an affordable fix that puts asphalt maintenance companies in high demand.

Transport Systems

Dump trucks are no longer the standard in the asphalt industry. A major piece of equipment new asphalt contractors need is a reliable transport system that’s designed specifically for the asphalt maintenance business. Today, live bottom trailers, lowboy trailers, and tanker systems bring unique advantages to the field. For example, live bottom trailers unload in a smooth, controlled way, making them easier to clean. They also have a low center of gravity, almost eliminating rollover accidents. Our Falcon live bottom trailers provide optimal efficiency for material hauls because of our patented conveyor system. Our lowboy trailers also offer a lower center of gravity, ensuring stability for greater loads. And they feature options like a mechanical detachable gooseneck trailer, a jeep dolly, a removable gooseneck trailer, a paver special, and more.

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BearCat Manufacturing makes all of the Equipment New Asphalt Contractors Need for their construction needs.

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