Top-Rated Chip Spreaders
BearCat Manufacturing makes the Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Arizona needs for its roads

When You Need the Top-Rated Chip Spreaders for Your Project, Look for BearCat

When performing road or parking lot maintenance, you want the top-rated chip spreaders in the U.S. for the job. BearCat Manufacturing has the machines you need to perform accurately and efficiently every time. Since chip sealing is one of the most effective methods for repairing and maintaining roadways, it has become an increasingly popular choice. Chip sealing is an affordable option that can allow you to compete with your paving competitors. It also delivers a safe pavement option that can extend the pavement life of a road or lot by up to 12 years. Chip spreading requires specialized road maintenance equipment, and we can provide the chip spreaders you need to manage the application to roadways.

BearCat Products

We offer more than just the top-rated chip spreaders in the United States. In addition, we offer all the best equipment that will meet your road maintenance needs. At BearCat Manufacturing, we promise you will find the asphalt distributor that is right for your construction or repair job.

We also have crack sealers for your maintenance needs. Our equipment lineup includes other custom equipment such as our Roadtech spray paver. And we can provide the piece of machinery to fit your exact preferences. We offer flexible financing plans for all businesses so that you can get the equipment you need.

Trust the BearCat Name

BearCat Manufacturing was established in 1969 by Ken Hill and Don Carson.  Their partnership led to the development of top-rated road maintenance equipment. Our focus has been to build the most innovative highway maintenance equipment available, and technical innovation. Today, BearCat products offer the highest performance levels throughout the industry. Our efficient, accurate machines have simplified roadway construction. And we’ve designed durable designs that are built to last. We strive to ensure our equipment and customer service are truly world class. It’s why we’re trusted in not only the U.S. but across Canada, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe, too..

Top-Rated Chip Spreaders

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