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Rather than continual repair of a roadway or outright replacement of asphalt, many property owners opt for asphalt resurfacing. Various types of asphalt resurfacing can help strengthen pavement and restore its longevity. For example, the chip seal process is a popular asphalt resurfacing method many asphalt contractors offer. However, chip seal service is only possible if your business possesses the right equipment. If wishing to invest in chip seal services, find the best distributors and chip spreaders for sale with BearCat Manufacturing.

Why Choose Chip Seal?

Few asphalt resurfacing techniques are as effective and long-lasting as chip sealing. Due to the safety and durability of chip seal roadways and the speed and affordability of the service, it’s no wonder chip sealing is a favorite of most contractors.

  • Greater Strength & Longevity
    • There’s no limit to factors that wear on an asphalt pavement’s surface. Sunlight exposure, freezing temperatures, moisture, chemical spills, and heavy traffic are ways your roadway can break down. Thankfully, chip sealing renews the strength and longevity of pavement, undoing most deterioration and increasing the durability and resistance of your asphalt.
  • Increased Safety for Drivers
    • Chip sealing can restore your asphalt lots and roadways to better than new! In fact, chip seal surfaces offer greater safety benefits than traditional asphalt surfaces. For example, the roughness of chip-sealed pavement increases the skid resistance of roadway surfaces, helping prevent vehicle slippage under poor weather conditions. Even on sunny days, chip seal roads protect drivers by creating an anti-glare surface, thus reducing driver eye strain.
  • Fast & Cost-Effective Service
    • Perhaps the greatest benefit of offering chip seal services to your clients is the cost savings you and your clients will experience. Due to the use of recycled asphalt in chip sealing, material costs are kept relatively low. Additionally, the labor required to operate chip seal machinery is minimal, reducing costs further and passing those savings onto clients. Best of all, chip sealing is quick to implement and will have your pavement ready within hours, not days.

Find the Right Equipment for the Job

Being able to offer high-quality chip seal services means having the right equipment. Thankfully, with distributors and chip spreaders for sale from BearCat, you have access to some of the most advanced chip seal machines on the market. For example, our 20′ and Stealth 16′ Tandem Chippers give you precise control over aggregate chip size and spread, guaranteeing high productivity no matter the project size. Additional features of our chip spreaders include:

  • Hydraulically driven position-sensing cylinders
  • Tier 3 or 4 6-cycle diesel engine
  • HSLA steel construction tandem hoppers for straight line starts and minimal aggregate waste
  • State of the art Computer Rate Control (CRC)
  • Hydraulic cooling system to ensure normal operating temperatures
  • Low maintenance, non-contacting ultra-sonic belt sensors for measurement of chip pile height
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