What Are the Best Brands for Asphalt Distributors
The BC-502 Asphalt Distributor, designed and built by BearCat MFG

What Are the Best Brands for Asphalt Distributors?

If your road maintenance company needs to upgrade equipment, you want to know where to find the best brands for asphalt distributors. After all, you want to make sure you are investing in equipment with the track record of consistent performance it takes to deliver the best results. With that in mind, we will review some of the top brands when it comes to asphalt distributors. Here are some of the most trusted makers of asphalt machines in the industry:

  • LeeBoy
  • Etnyre
  • BearCat Manufacturing

BearCat Manufacturing has served as a leading manufacturer of asphalt machines since 1969. For over 50 years, we have earned the reputation as one of the best brands for asphalt distributors. Send us an email now to request more information about our products.

STRATOS Asphalt Distributors

STRATOS is one of the largest brands for asphalt distributors in the United States. With STRATOS, you receive a range of capacities on their products. You can choose options from 400 gallons all the way up to 1,000 gallons. Their products come with thermostatic controls, diesel heating, spray wands, retractable hoses and more. Your road maintenance company can use STRATOS asphalt distributors for foundation spraying, chip sealing, sealcoating, dust suppression, emulsion spraying, and roof sealant applications.

LeeBoy Asphalt Distributors

LeeBoy is another well-regarded name when it comes to the best brands for asphalt distributors in America. LeeBoy offers several different models of asphalt distributors, including the Maximizer III which features a Viking 400 GPM asphalt pump and a self-flushing system. Plus, LeeBoy is a maker with a global base known for making equipment with quality, reliability, innovative features, and versatility when it comes to applications.

Etnyre Asphalt Distributors

Along with being one of the best brands for asphalt distributors, Etnyre ranks among the world’s leaders in other asphalt machines. They are one of the most trusted brands for chip spreaders, crack sealers, storage tanks, and trailers, too. Etnyre’s Black Topper asphalt distributors deliver precision spraying of anywhere from 1,000 to 4,500 gallons of liquid asphalt to roads, parking lots, highways, driveways, or other pavement surfaces. Other great features from Etnyre Black Topper asphalt distributors include the following:

  • One-person controls near the rear of the distributor or from the truck cab.
  • Electronic asphalt pump speed control that delivers precision applications.
  • Balanced, dual-feed asphalt flow for uniform coverage.
  • Full circulating 12-foot spray bar with folding wings.
  • Custom tank sizes (1,000 to 4,500 gallons).

Why Choose BearCat Manufacturing Asphalt Distributors?

Like Etnyre, BearCat Manufacturing is known as one of the industry’s best makers of asphalt machines and one of the best brands for asphalt distributors. Their company has provided cutting-edge innovations on road building and maintenance equipment since 1969. Their world-class asphalt distributors come with some of the highest ratings for productivity and reliability. Consequently, BearCat Manufacturing is one of the top brands for asphalt distributors in Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and across the United States. Plus, all their equipment is assembled here in the United States by American workers. Here are some of the incredible features you receive with BearCat Manufacturing asphalt distributors:

  • Computerized rate control
  • Operator controls inside the cab
  • Unloading and breaking systems
  • Retrofit
  • Steel tank
  • Heating system
  • Spray bar
  • Heated asphalt pump
  • Spray valves
  • Three valve manifolds
  • Customizable features including spray bar length, folding wings, line markers, bar feed hoses, electric heat, rotary side loading valve, wet tool box, nozzle box, pneumatic mirrors, packaged or sealed pump, charge hose, hydraulic spray bar latch
What Are the Best Brands for Asphalt Distributors

Let’s Talk about Asphalt Distributors

BearCat Manufacturing is here to help if you need more information about one of the best brands for asphalt distributors in the United States. Email us online or give us a call at 928-684-7851 to request a free quote or speak with us about our equipment. We are your home for equipment that delivers reliable production backed by world-class customer service.