What Equipment Do I Need for Chip Seal Paving
The BC-502 Asphalt Distributor, designed and built by BearCat MFG

What Equipment Do I Need for Chip Seal Paving?

BearCat Manufacturing can help if your new or established road maintenance company is evaluating what equipment you need for chip seal paving. Since 1969, our company has manufactured and sold some of the best asphalt machines in the industry. We offer top-rated asphalt distributors and chip spreaders that are essential pieces of equipment for chip seal paving projects. Plus, we can make custom equipment designed specifically to the needs of your road maintenance business. Email BearCat Manufacturing now to request more information or a free estimate about the equipment you need for chip seal paving.

Asphalt Distributors Are Necessary for Chip Seal Paving

Asphalt distributors play a critical role in the chip and seal process. They are one of the most important pieces of equipment you need for chip seal paving. For example, asphalt distributors are the machines that provide even and precise application of the liquid asphalt to the pavement. That way, all the layers of the pavement will bond better with subsequent layers of aggregate. In addition, the asphalt applied to the surface by the asphalt distributors serves as the base layer for the aggregate added later by chip spreaders. So, it is important to get reliable and accurate performance by asphalt distributors to ensure the long-term integrity of the pavement.

What Asphalt Distributor Products Are Available?

BearCat Manufacturing offers some of the most trusted equipment you need for chip seal paving. Here is are available options when it comes for asphalt distributors:

  • BC-502 Asphalt Distributor– BearCat’s BC-502 model is known as “the legend” in the road maintenance machine industry because of its unmatched productivity. We equip it with some of the most sought after features available including a steel storage tank, spray bar, computerized rate control, heating system, and more!
  • Granulated Rubber Asphalt Distributor– Like the BC-502, BearCat’s granulated rubber asphalt distributor moves vast amounts of bonding agents. The extra-large inlet pipes, high-performance diesel burners, and internal augers on our equipment allow for easy transport of the road binding materials.
  • Dust Control Spray Systems– The systems are specially crafted for chemical resistance agents and other applications. We can install new dust control spray equipment or retrofit it to existing equipment you already own.
  • Asphalt Pull Trailer– We can also supply your road maintenance company with a two-axle pull trailer, allowing you the capability of hauling 20 tons of materials. Plus, it is equipped for easy unloading of the full load of materials.

Chip Seal Paving Projects Require Chip Spreaders

Chip spreaders also play a crucial role in the chip and seal process. They are the other pieces of equipment you need for chip seal projects. After the asphalt distributor applies the base layer, Bearcat Manufacturing chip spreaders provide precise application of even amounts of aggregate over the asphalt base. It is important to have precision during this step because too much or too little aggregate will cause problems with the asphalt bonding process. If that happens, the integrity of the pavement will not hold up under heavy usage.

Why Choose BearCat Manufacturing for Chip Spreaders?

BearCat Manufacturing can supply you with all the best equipment you need for chip seal paving. Along with the top-rated asphalt distributors, we offer two models of chip spreaders. Here is an overview of our products:

  • 20′ Tandem Chipper– Our 20’ model offers the best, fastest, and strongest performance. Plus, it provides you with a 10′ to 20′ extension for application on the go! Our products come with some of the most popular features in the road maintenance machine industry. These features include computerized rate controls, high-capacity belts, and more.
  • Stealth 16′ Tandem Chipper– Our 16’ model delivers excellent performance in a slightly smaller package. Its standard features include a folding rear hopper, computerized rate control, high-capacity belts, and more!
What Equipment Do I Need for Chip Seal Paving

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For over 50 years, BearCat Manufacturing has supported road maintenance companies like yours with the equipment you need for chip seal paving. In addition, we are proud that all the equipment is assembled right here in the USA! Whether you are looking for asphalt distributors, chip spreaders, or other asphalt machines, we can help. Give us a call at 928-684-7851 or contact us online to request a free quote or more information. We are your home for the best asphalt distributors in Illinois, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee. Plus, we offer some of the best chip spreaders in Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arizona.