Asphalt Chip Spreaders Tennessee
Asphalt Chip Spreaders Tennessee

Get the Best Value in Asphalt Chip Spreaders in Tennessee

BearCat Manufacturing offers your road maintenance company top return on investment with the best asphalt chip spreaders in Tennessee. We offer 16-foot and 20-foot tandem asphalt chippers as well as the best asphalt repair equipment made to order. Since 1969, our company has stood apart as an industry leader for engineering and manufacturing superior road maintenance machines. Our innovative processes provide equipment that delivers innovative features and the best benefits to help your company offer efficient chip seal services. In addition to asphalt chip spreaders, we offer the following road maintenance machines:

Also, we back all our world-class machines with excellent customer service, an online replacement parts store, and customer training. Inquire now about our financing options, a free quote, or more information about us and our products.

Equipment Offering Greater Performance

We engineered and manufactured our asphalt chip spreaders in Tennessee to outperform other options available in the marketplace. Products such as tailgate or truck-mounted asphalt chip spreaders cannot provide the same capability as our machines. With our equipment, your asphalt repair projects get a smooth and continuous chip seal process. Tailgate or truck-mounted spreaders come with the significant drawback of interruptions in the load distribution process. Meanwhile, our equipment allows for a constant application rate of the aggregate, regardless of travel speed. Most importantly, BearCat asphalt chippers provide you with a faster and more efficient capability while creating less waste.

Features Setting Our Equipment Apart

Industry-leading engineering separates products from BearCat Manufacturing apart from available alternatives. As a result, your pavement repair business gets more durability, superior performance, enhanced capability, and the best return on your money with our machines. These are the features that distinguish our asphalt chip spreaders in Tennessee:

  • 275-HorsePower Cummins Tier 3 or Tier 4 6-cylinder diesel engines.
  • Low maintenance, non-contacting ultra-sonic belt sensors for measurement of chip pile height.
  • Hydraulic driven position-sensing cylinders.
  • Advanced Computer Rate Control (CRC) that makes work simpler and faster.
  • HSLA steel construction tandem hoppers for straight line starts and minimized aggregate waste.
  • Hydraulic cooling systems for optimal operating temperatures.

Benefits Offering Results Your Customers Appreciate

Our machines help to grow your asphalt contracting business grow by delivering performance that allows you to provide customers with superior results. Here are some of the selling points you can pitch to customers with greater performance provided by our asphalt chip spreaders in Tennessee:

  • Reduced Expenses – Chip seal road maintenance projects with our machines provide your customers with short-term and long-term savings. Chip sealing roads will delay the need for road repairs every few years and road replacement. In addition, chip sealing roads will save money compared to crack sealing
  • Long-Lasting Performance – Chip sealing will extend the useful life of roads, delaying the need for intermittent road repair and road replacement. In fact, road surface can maintain integrity for up to 12 years more with benefits offered by BearCat Manufacturing chip seal machines.
  • Safer Road Conditions – Chip sealing roads rebinds degraded road materials and makes for improved traction control. Consequently, drivers are at less of a risk of having an accident due to skids. In addition, chip seal road surfaces cut down on the glare during daytime driving hours. As a result, drivers are less likely to get in accidents due to compromised vision.
  • Faster Project Completion – Our asphalt chippers also get work on road maintenance projects completed at a much faster rate than traditional asphalt pavement.
Asphalt Chip Spreaders Tennessee

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