Crack Sealers Illinois
Crack Sealers for Illinois roads provide outstanding coverage for all of your asphalt needs

BearCat Manufacturing Makes the Asphalt Crack Sealers Illinois Can Trust

Since our beginnings in 1969, BearCat Manufacturing has offered top of the line equipment for roadway crews. Our asphalt distributors, chip spreaders, and crack sealers in Illinois have been trusted and relied on to provide long lasting durable roadways. Our constant eye toward innovation has kept us in the forefront of the industry and means you always know when you buy BearCat you’re buying the best.

Why Crack Sealers?

Over time and consistent use, even the most effective roadways will suffer some damage. Cracks are typically the first sign of necessary maintenance. Cracks can lead to road deterioration and even potholes, so addressing them early can save time and money down the road. In addition to extending the lifetime of any pavement, crack sealers can help you maintain the safety of your roadway and offer a more consistent surface to drive. Crack sealers are an option your team needs in their toolbox.

In addition to our crack sealers BearCat Manufacturing produces top-of-the-line asphalt distributors and chip spreaders. For any equipment your road crew requires BearCat offers long-lasting reliable options. Quality products that come with amazing customer service are primary reasons why BearCat is the call to make.

Why BearCat Manufacturing

Ken Hill and Doug Carson established BearCat in 1969. They knew road crews needed the right equipment to get the job done well. That’s why BearCat Manufacturing is known for outstanding innovations today. It all began with modified controls, which were found in the cab of the truck. We also added spray bars and poppet spray valves as another innovation. And even today, innovations like breakaway wings are still used in our equipment. With outstanding products like chip spreaders, crack sealers, and asphalt distributors, BearCat Manufacturing is known as the best when it comes to equipment for high-performing road crews. Trust us when you need quality.

If you have potholes to fill, you need BearCat Crack Sealers for Illinois roads.

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Whatever equipment your roadway crew needs, BearCat Manufacturing has got you covered. Give us a call today for more details. Whether you’re wanting chip spreaders, asphalt distributors, or crack sealers in Illinois our team is ready to take the call at 928-684-7851. We look forward to helping you take your crew to the next level.