Crack Sealers Illinois
Crack Sealers Illinois

Looking to Buy or Rent Crack Sealers in Illinois?

BearCat Manufacturing makes it easy to find solutions for your road maintenance business when you need asphalt crack sealers in Illinois. You can choose from our inventory of crack sealers for rent or for sale. Our available line of machines include two options catered to the needs of our commercial clients. The smaller, more economical machine we offer is the ECS-250 rubberized crack seal machine that has 250-gallon capacity. Meanwhile, we also provide a machine built for bigger projects in our ECS-400 rubberized crack seal machine with a 400-gallon capacity. Since 1969, our company has used manufacturing experience and excellence to create machines the deliver the best performance and durability. Email BearCat Manufacturing now to inquire about our rentals or to purchase asphalt crack sealers in Illinois.

How Can Asphalt Repair Work Become More Efficient?

BearCat Manufacturing can help your asphalt contracting business spend less and complete work faster with our crack sealers in Illinois. Our machines are manufactured to help businesses like yours require less manpower, spend less on labor, and create less waste. Here is here our crack sealers can speed up asphalt repair work while producing quality results.

  • Precision and Speed
    • We engineer our crack sealers to perform precise operations, ensuring optimal use of sealant and reducing waste.
    • The faster application rate our machines deliver allows your business to complete work over a larger area more quickly.
  • Reduced Manpower Demands
    • Applying sealant by hand is a slow and labor-intensive process that requires plenty of manpower.
    • Our crack sealers take a lot of the hard, physical labor out of the process, requiring less manpower, less time, and reducing risk of labor-related injuries.
  • Faster Heating and Application
    • BearCat Manufacturing’s crack sealers also speed up the time it takes to heat up sealant and cracked asphalt.
    • As a result, less time is spent during the sealant heating and application process.
  • Consistent Performance
    • Our crack sealers also deliver more accuracy and consistency with sealant distribution than manual processes.

Why Is BearCat Manufacturing the Best Choice for Crack Sealers?

We use more than 50 years of engineering product innovations to produce some of the industry’s most reliable asphalt crack sealers in Illinois. Consequently, we deliver more value on your investment with features that help our asphalt repair equipment stand out in the marketplace. Here are some of the most attractive benefits our crack sealers provide.

  • Easy to Use Loading Doors
    • Our crack sealer loading doors are located 44 inches above ground and are easily accessible from either side of the machine. In addition, our doors are compliant with Department of Transportation specifications for elevated temperature materials.
  • Reduced Lag Time with Heated Hose Boxes
    • If your crew is tired of waiting long periods for sealant to thaw, they will enjoy the convenience our heated hose storage compartments provide. They reduce the amount of time spent waiting for sealant to heat up.
    • In addition, you will not need to worry about replacing heating elements in the hose.
  • Convenient Single-Fuel Operations
    • Our crack sealers give you options that run on diesel only. So, you will not need to take on added cost and down time for storing and filling up equipment with gasoline and propane, too.
  • Faster Heating and Circulation
    • Our exclusive closed indirect heating system with absolute flow control heats cold sealant to application-ready temperatures in an hour or less.
Crack Sealers Illinois

Ready to Rent or Buy Our Crack Sealers in Illinois?

BearCat Manufacturing can provide you with a free quote if you are interested in purchasing crack sealers in Illinois. In addition, we can also rent asphalt repair equipment if that is a better option for the needs of your business. Contact us online or call 928-684-7851 to discuss how we can help your business spend less, operate more efficiently, and reduce manpower demands.