Asphalt Repair Equipment Illinois
A red asphalt crack sealer, designed and manufactured by BearCat MFG

Maintain Your Roadways with BearCat’s Asphalt Repair Equipment in Illinois

When the winter weather finally breaks in the Midwest, asphalt contractors are quick to get to work on the hundreds of road maintenance jobs every season in Illinois. And as anyone in Illinois will tell you, Midwestern winters can be brutal. Due to the extreme moisture and low temperatures, there isn’t a roadway in Illinois that doesn’t require repair after the winter season. That’s why so many asphalt contractors rely on BearCat Manufacturing’s asphalt repair equipment for Illinois. Only the best asphalt machinery can maintain Illinois’ infrastructure.

What Repair Services Can You Offer?

To keep up with repair and maintenance on your area’s roadways, BearCat has the equipment for you! Our asphalt repair machinery is unmatched in its speed, durability and longevity. Depending on your contracting needs, we’ll match you with the equipment that best fits your services.

  • Crack Repair
    • Cracks in asphalt are one of the first signs of deterioration. Moreover, if cracks in your pavement are left unchecked, they can grow into potholes or lead to asphalt unraveling, causing unsafe driving conditions. With BearCat’s crack sealers, you can seal/repair your pavement’s worst cracks and slow the overall deterioration of your asphalt.
  • Chip Sealing
    • Chip seal service both repairs and restores your pavement. A layer of liquid asphalt is applied to the deteriorating roadway using asphalt distributors. Once the pavement is completely covered, chip spreaders lay a layer of aggregate chips over the freshly spread liquid asphalt. As these components form and set together, they fill existing cracks, restore your asphalt’s color, rebind unraveling pavement, and further strengthen your roadway.
  • General Maintenance & Restoration
    • With crack sealers and asphalt distributors, you’ll have your hands full with the asphalt repair and maintenance jobs you’ll be taking on. From mending simple cracks to repaving entire surfaces, BearCat supplies the asphalt repair equipment Illinois contractors count on. Additionally, BearCat offers custom equipment to streamline asphalt maintenance and repair further.

BearCat’s Best

For over 50 years, BearCat Manufacturing has led the asphalt industry in developing high-quality, incredibly advanced asphalt equipment and technology. We always look for ways to innovate our machine designs, allowing for easier function and operation. Additionally, we look at each machine we design to implement features that improve their energy efficiency, accuracy, speed and environmental impact.

An asphalt distributor, part of BearCat's Asphalt Repair Equipment in Illinois

Find What You Need with BearCat

The key to offering exceptional asphalt repair and maintenance relies on acquisition of the best asphalt repair equipment in Illinois. And when searching for the best, local contractors trust BearCat Manufacturing. To learn more about our asphalt products or request a quote, contact us at 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and the United States.