Asphalt Repair Equipment Arizona
An asphalt distributor trailer truck from BearCat, who manufactures the best Asphalt Repair Equipment in Arizona

High-Quality Asphalt Repair Equipment in Arizona is Available Through BearCat

Arizona isn’t just hot because of its arid climate – it’s a hot spot for growth in the U.S.! And with the influx of business and residents in Arizona, asphalt contractors are working overtime to keep up with the required infrastructure maintenance and updates. All it takes is the best asphalt repair equipment in Arizona to manage the Grand Canyon State’s roadways. And thanks to BearCat Manufacturing, the best asphalt equipment is what you get!

Preferred Equipment for Asphalt Care

Unfortunately, Arizona’s heat and arid climate significantly affect the rate of asphalt deterioration. Thus, asphalt contractors need to have the right equipment for quick and effective asphalt repair and maintenance. Thankfully, BearCat has the equipment asphalt contractors need to be successful in their area. Some of our best equipment includes:

  • Distributors
    • The first step in many asphalt maintenance projects is to spread liquid asphalt over a pavement’s surface. However, manually spreading liquid asphalt takes significant time and isn’t remarkably accurate. For these reasons, asphalt distributors are sought-after pieces of machinery. And with BearCat’s BC-502 Distributor, you can apply liquid asphalt to any surface with speed and accuracy not matched by manual application or other available distributors.
  • Crack Sealers
    • Before chip sealing or other asphalt restoration services, contractors will first tackle the most pressing issue with asphalt deterioration: cracks in pavement. Cracks are the first signs of aging, stress and deterioration you’ll see with your asphalt. And by leaving cracks to grow, they only cause more issues with asphalt deterioration and unraveling. Thankfully, BearCat’s crack sealers work quickly and are easy to maneuver, helping seal cracks before deterioration worsens.
  • Custom Equipment
    • Of course, BearCat’s asphalt repair equipment for Arizona doesn’t stop with crack sealers and distributors! We also produce a range of custom equipment that further optimizes many asphalt repair and restoration processes. For example, our precoat chip foaming system helps create stronger bonds between aggregate chips and liquid asphalt during chip sealing (a standard asphalt restoration method).

What Can You Expect from BearCat?

Top-rated equipment, advanced monitoring technology, and long-lasting machinery are a few of the things you can expect from BearCat Manufacturing. BearCat started in 1969 after a few modifications to allow control of a distributor truck from its cab. That simple innovation led to the creation of increasingly streamlined asphalt equipment designed to simplify asphalt paving, maintenance and repair. With BearCat’s equipment today, local contractors can count on environmental friendliness, high speeds, greater capacities, increased longevity, and much more.

A chip sealer from BearCat MFG, a useful piece of Asphalt Repair Equipment in Arizona

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The key to a successful asphalt contracting business starts with implementing high-quality asphalt repair equipment in Arizona. Ensure your business has everything it needs with top-rated machinery supplied by BearCat Manufacturing. To learn more about our asphalt products or request a quote, contact us at 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and the United States.