Asphalt Maintenance
An asphalt distributor developed by BearCat and used for asphalt maintenance

Proper Asphalt Maintenance Thanks to BearCat Machinery

Asphalt maintenance and upkeep are top of the list for many city municipalities. America’s road infrastructure is crucial to the daily function of any business or service; thus, keeping roadways safe and well-maintained is especially crucial. Thankfully, with the help of BearCat Manufacturing, asphalt contractors can easily maintain asphalt lots and roadways. Talk with the BearCat team about our selection of top-rated road maintenance equipment.

Why is Asphalt Maintenance Important?

While tearing up old roadways and providing new paving is sometimes necessary, it’s not something asphalt contractors will immediately resort to. With the right equipment, it’s possible to preserve asphalt longer than its lifespan, increase its safety, and save money overall!

  • Ensure Durability
    • Asphalt left to deteriorate will crack, crumble, and develop potholes. However, these problems are manageable and avoidable with simple maintenance. Whether through crack repair or chip sealing, certain paving services increase pavement’s durability and extend its longevity. In doing so, you prevent costly repairs and potential asphalt replacement.
  • Increase Safety
    • Nothing is more dangerous than driving on a street falling apart. Not only can loose gravel and asphalt decrease a roadway’s traction, but debris can kick up into your vehicle’s undercarriage and cause potential damage. Thus, asphalt maintenance and repair are two parts: to prevent roadway conditions from impacting driver safety and increase your asphalt’s safety value further. For example, chip sealing not only restores asphalt but also creates an anti-glare and skid-resistant surface.
  • Cost-Saving Benefits
    • While asphalt maintenance’s cost-saving benefits apply more for businesses, city municipalities, and those in charge of asphalt surfaces, it helps contractors save money too. Dependent on the service, asphalt maintenance can require minimal labor and materials to complete. Thus, contractors save more in reducing costs while maintaining a sought-after service for most communities.

The Right Equipment for Maintenance & Repair

Since 1969, BearCat Manufacturing has designed and developed some of the most productive and durable equipment in the asphalt industry. As such, our road maintenance equipment is top-rated and can easily meet the needs of asphalt contractors. Our primary equipment includes:

  • Asphalt Distributors – Large spray tankers for distributing liquid asphalt over any pavement surface. We produce standard asphalt distributors in addition to distributor trailers and granulated rubber asphalt distributors.
  • Chip Spreaders – BearCat’s chip spreaders are essential equipment for the chip seal process. Our chip spreaders easily carry and distribute asphalt aggregate chips over previously sprayed surfaces, preparing roads and lots for the final steps of chip sealing.
  • Crack Sealers – Our crack sealing machines are best for providing quick repairs to cracked asphalt surfaces. BearCat’s crack sealers are easily maneuverable as a trailer and can carry either 250 or 400 gallons of crack sealant.
  • Custom Equipment – Besides our standard machine offerings, our custom equipment further assists with asphalt paving services. Ask about our Roadtec Spray Paver, precoat chip foaming system, or cold-in-place recycling system to learn more!
A BearCat crack sealer used for Asphalt Maintenance

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Asphalt maintenance services are vital in cities and communities across the United States. Thus, your company requires the right equipment to provide expert asphalt maintenance and repair. Invest in BearCat Manufacturing and our top-rated asphalt paving equipment! To learn more, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.