Asphalt Maintenance
Asphalt Maintenance

What Is the Best Equipment for Asphalt Maintenance?

Whether you run a new or existing asphalt paving business, there are essential pieces of equipment that make your operations more efficient with asphalt maintenance projects. Since 1969, BearCat Manufacturing has used our experience and innovative design processes to create asphalt repair equipment that delivers superior performance and durability. We offer a full selection of asphalt machines designed to reduce operating costs, demands on manpower, and waste produced. So, trust BearCat Manufacturing when you to buy or rent the following asphalt machines.

In addition, BearCat Manufacturing is known for providing  top-rated chip seal equipment in Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, and across the United States. Message us today through our online contact form for more information or a free quote on our asphalt maintenance equipment.

Where Can I Find the Best Asphalt Crack Sealers?

BearCat Manufacturing makes it easy to find options tailored to your business when you need crack sealers for asphalt maintenance. We offer two options, including our 250-gallon capacity ECS-250 rubberized crack seal machine and our 400-gallon capacity ECS-400 rubberized crack seal machine. Plus, we allow you to scale solutions to the needs of your business by offering crack sealers for rent or for sale. Most importantly, we supply you with machines that offer innovative features and attractive benefits like the following:

  • Faster and More Precise Application
    • Our crack sealers heat up sealant and existing pavement cracks faster, allowing your crew to work on larger areas more quickly.
    • In addition, our machines provide optimal use of sealant with precise application that reduces waste.
  • Less Demands on Manpower
    • Another significant benefit our crack sealers provide is giving you the ability to allocate your workforce more efficiently.
    • Our machines take much of the hard, physical labor out of the project, reducing the number of workers needed per job.
  • Improved Consistency
    • One more important benefit provided by our crack sealers is the elimination of waste. Our machines provide faster, more reliable repairs because sealant gets applied consistently and evenly across the pavement surfaces being worked on.

Searching for the Best Asphalt Distributors?

Asphalt distributors play a vital role in asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair services. BearCat Manufacturing supplies you with asphalt distributors that enhance the bonding of individual pavement layers. As a result, the existing and new layers of pavement combine into one, unified section of pavement with greater strength and durability. In addition, our asphalt distributors also provide these other great benefits:

  • Less top-down cracking.
  • Reduced surface-course sliding.
  • Better overall bonding for existing and new layers of pavement.
  • Minimal pavement distress.

Our available options include the BC-502 asphalt distributor, dust control spray systems, granulated rubber asphalt distributor, and asphalt pull trailer.

Trying to Find Top-Rated Asphalt Chip Spreaders?

BearCat Manufacturing’s selection of asphalt chip spreaders delivers the best results when it comes to chip seal asphalt maintenance services. Our available machines  include the 16’ Stealth Tandem Chipper and the 20’ Super Tandem Chipper. Both options come with a powerful 275-horsepower Cummins diesel engine, computerized rate controls that allow even inexperienced operators to work the equipment, and some of the industry’s best safety features. In addition, our machines offer these other amazing benefits:

  • Spread hoppers that allow for straight line starts and minimal aggregate waste.
  • Accurate and reliable control of the gate position CAM.
  • Large engine and hydraulic cooling systems to insure normal operating temperatures for even difficult projects.
  • State of the art computerized rate control that takes the guesswork out of precise and even distribution of chips.
Asphalt Maintenance

Contact us for Asphalt Maintenance Equipment

BearCat Manufacturing can supply your paving business with some of the best machines available for asphalt maintenance. Give us a call at 928-684-7851 or contact us online for more information or to request a free estimate. We provide top-rated asphalt maintenance equipment in Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and across the United States.