Equipment for Asphalt Repair Illinois
Equipment for Asphalt Repair Illinois

The Best Selection of Equipment for Asphalt Repair in Illinois

BearCat Manufacturing is the number one place to find industry-leading equipment for asphalt repair in Illinois. When you need to repair damaged asphalt, we offer the best selection of top-rated crack sealers in Illinois. Since 1969, more asphalt contractors have chosen our road maintenance machines than alternative solutions. All our equipment comes with cutting-edge features, greater performance, and benefits that give you more bang for your buck. Plus, we support all our machines with world-class customer service, a top-notch online replacement parts store, customer schools for training, and convenient financing options. Request a free estimate now by using BearCat Manufacturing’s online contact form for a fast response!

Product Specifications for Our Asphalt Repair Equipment

You receive a few great options when it comes to our equipment for asphalt repair in Illinois. We offer both 250-gallon and 400-gallon crack sealer machines. Plus, you receive the following attractive features no matter which machine you choose:

Easy to Understand Controls

The operator’s console is centrally located. In addition, it continually monitors operating status, material temperature, engine controls, and custom set points. Inexperienced operators can use push-button controls. Meanwhile, experienced operators can choose to manually control the machine.

Accessible Loading Doors

Operators can easily access the 2 loading doors from either side of the machine. The 21” x 36” doors are ergonomically located 54” off the ground to make loading the machine a breeze. The door latches comply with DOT regulations regarding elevated temperature material. An optional material loading system is also available.

Efficient Heating and Usage

Our machines use a closed loop, flow controlled, hot oil heating system powered by a high-pressure diesel burner. A pump circulates the hot oil through the heating coils. This exclusive feature increases sealant temperature to application temperature in as little as an hour for most road maintenance materials.

Enclosed Burners

The high-pressure diesel burner uses an automated ignition system. The closed indirect heating system ensures fast heating of the product for minimal down time.

Heated Hose Boxes

When not in use, the application hose stores in a heated storage cabinet. This prevents lost time on the job waiting for frozen sealant to heat. Meanwhile, an optional heated hose system has 6 heating elements that prevent plugging by keeping sealant the same temperature as it is in the tank at the end of the hose.

Flush-Free Systems

Our top-rated crack sealers are environmentally friendly, too. They require no solvent flushing at the end of each project. Plus, you will not need to carry solvent on the machine, improving the safety for operators of the machine.

Equipment for Asphalt Repair Illinois

Learn More about Our Equipment for Asphalt Repair in Illinois

Do you have questions about our machines? Would you like a free estimate on our equipment for asphalt repair in Illinois? Then, get the information you need now by getting in touch with BearCat Manufacturing. When it comes to crack sealers, we make it easy to find exactly what you want. Simply email us through our contact form or call 928-684-7851. Our headquarters is located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. Yet, we sell and service machines for customers in Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and across the nation.