Top-Rated Crack Sealers Illinois
Top-Rated Crack Sealers Illinois

Looking to Repair Asphalt with Top-Rated Crack Sealers in Illinois?

BearCat Manufacturing offers world class asphalt maintenance equipment and top-rated crack sealers in Illinois. So, count on the trusted name in the sealcoating and crack filler industry when you need to repair roads, driveways, parking lots, and more! Our company created the first fully cab-controlled liquid asphalt distributor shortly after we were founded in 1969. Ever since, we have continued to innovate and manufacture some of the most trusted equipment available today. As a result, clients around the globe trust our machines, equipment, and systems for asphalt and chip seal projects. Contact us today to learn more about us, our flexible financing, and our top-rated crack sealers in Illinois.

Why Seal Asphalt Pavement Cracks?

Sealing cracks in asphalt pavement will prevent moisture and water from seeping down into the sub-grade material below the surface. Water seepage is the main contributing factor leading to pavement deterioration and complete failure. However, pavement maintenance such as crack sealing can eliminate the infiltration of moisture and other non-compressible to the base layer below the asphalt. Therefore, crack sealing offers an affordable form of pavement preservation that slows deterioration and extends its useful life by as much as 3 to 5 years. Email us at if you want to learn more about extending the life of your pavement with our top-rated crack sealers in Illinois.

Are There Other Benefits to Asphalt Crack Sealers?

In fact, there are some other important benefits to consider if you are choosing whether to seal asphalt pavement cracks. Here are some other great reasons to maintain your pavement with our top-rated crack sealers in Illinois.

  • Enhanced Driver Safety – Sealing asphalt pavement improves driving conditions because it reduces the slickness of the pavement’s surface. Consequently, it increases driver safety while reducing the amount of vehicle damage.
  • Less Frequent Road Maintenance – In addition, the crack sealing process also reduces the amount of maintenance necessary for the pavement. According to org, 75% of unsealed cracks will develop into potholes within 3 years. Meanwhile, the report indicates that only 1% of sealed cracks will turn into potholes within that same timeframe.

When Is the Best Time to Seal Asphalt Cracks?

Asphalt Pro Magazine recommends that cracks should be sealed before the asphalt pavement becomes seriously damaged. You can seal any cracks wider than 1/8 of an inch. This includes longitudinal, reflective, edge, block, transverse, or thermal cracks. Most manufacturers suggest sealing when the pavement has reached temperatures of over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You may need to use a heat lance to warm up pavement that is below 40 degrees. Otherwise, crack sealing in lower temperatures may not provide the level of desired adhesion.

Why Choose BearCat Manufacturing?

We provide equipment that delivers comprehensive solutions for asphalt and chip seal pavement. Our line of equipment includes top-rated crack sealers in Illinois. However, we also can offer you the following solutions:

Top-Rated Crack Sealers Illinois

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BearCat Manufacturing wants to provide you with any information you need about our top-rated crack sealers in Illinois. So, email us now to request a free estimate or more details about our asphalt maintenance equipment. In addition, you can also reach us by calling 928-684-7851. We also provide helpful resources such as product manuals online and available for you to download.