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Become a Leading Asphalt Contractor with a Granulated Rubber Asphalt Distributor

Asphalt repair, pavement maintenance, chip sealing, crack repair, seal coating, asphalt replacement and many additional services should all be part of your repertoire as an asphalt contractor. And in parts of the U.S., asphalt contractors are beginning to invest in new paving methods and techniques. One such technique involves using rubber crumbs as an asphalt binder modifier. However, it’s only possible to apply this “rubberized” asphalt with the assistance of a granulated rubber asphalt distributor. To learn more about these specialized distributors and rubberized asphalt, call BearCat Manufacturing today!

What is Rubberized Asphalt Concrete?

Rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) is an asphalt pavement mixture of regular asphalt concrete and mixed crumb rubber. The combination of rubber and asphalt makes for a unique pavement surface comparable to standard asphalt in some ways and more functional and beneficial in others. While RAC has become standard for most of Arizona’s roadways, it’s begun gaining popularity in other parts of the country. Some of the benefits of RAC include:

  • Less is More – RAC is commonly used in asphalt resurfacing and chip seal services to replace traditional liquid asphalt. However, where multiple layers of asphalt are necessary for a roadway surface, RAC is just as effective with one or two layers.
  • Elasticity – Traffic, weather and temperature fluctuations are always causing pavement surfaces to move, shrink and expand, eventually leading to a cracked and crumbling surface. Conversely, RAC has greater elastic properties, significantly reducing the risk of cracks and crumbling.
  • Increased Safety – RAC produces a semi-porous surface, which gives vehicles more traction on roadways under wet or icy conditions. Additionally, the asphalt’s semi-porous nature reduces the spray from wet roadways, improving driver visibility.
  • Sound Dampening – A common concern for properties alongside busy intersections is the constant sound of traffic. With RAC, the rubber in your roadway’s surface better absorbs sound versus standard asphalt, which allows noise to reflect off it. RAC can reduce traffic volume by between 40-80%.

The Right Equipment for the Job

If RAC spraying interests your business, you require asphalt distributors built to manage more viscous materials. BearCat’s Granulated Rubber Asphalt Distributor is what you need to get started. Our specialized distributor truck features extra-large inlet pipes, high-performance diesel burners and an internal auger for managing RAC and other viscous materials.

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