Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Illinois
The Tandem Stealth Chipper 16', designed and manufactured by BearCat MFG

Simplify Road Maintenance with Top-Rated Chip Spreaders in Illinois

Asphalt contractors can shorten turnaround time on road maintenance projects with BearCat Manufacturing’s top-rated chip spreaders in Illinois. Our chip spreaders feature the latest advancements in technology, including durable construction, hydraulic cooling systems, and computer rate control. We engineer and manufacture our chip spreaders to accurately apply controlled aggregate during the chip seal process. As a result, it reduces the amount of material needed and speeds up the chip seal process. For more information, email BearCat Manufacturing today to learn more about our world-class asphalt maintenance equipment and systems. We back all our equipment with excellent customer service and provide helpful information such as product manuals on our website.

The Best Benefits from World-Class Chip Spreaders

Your asphalt maintenance company can experience several unique benefits with our top-rated chip spreaders in Illinois. Our equipment features a variable-width spread hopper, hydrostatic drive system, and other design elements that improve efficiency. Here are some of the best reasons to choose BearCat Manufacturing chip spreaders:

  • Cost Savings – Our chip spreaders offer money savings due to reduced labor demands, usage of recycled asphalt, and faster project completion times.
  • Durability – Our equipment keeps running long after many other standard alternatives due to cutting edge technology and design features.
  • Impressive Design Features – When you choose BearCat chip spreaders, you get some of the industry’s best features and performance from our hydraulic cooling systems, computer rate control, and adjustable spread distribution.

Top-Rated Chip Seal Equipment in Illinois

BearCat Manufacturing equipment also helps your asphalt contracting business stand out in the crowd with improved road performance. Here are some of the exciting benefits you can reference during the project bid process with our top-rated chip spreaders in Illinois.

  • Increased Lifespan – You can offer customers savings on road maintenance costs by applying chip seals that extend the useful life of the asphalt.
  • Improved Skid Resistance – Roads with a chip seal surface offer safer driving conditions by offering better resistance to vehicle skids than traditional asphalt.
  • Prevention of Deterioration – Chip seal surfaces also slow down the rate of surface degradation compared to standard asphalt surfaces.
  • Eliminate Crack Sealing Needs – There is no longer a need for crack sealing services when you apply a chip seal.
  • Stronger Barriers – Chip seal surfaces create a more resistant barrier to chemicals, water, and moisture that seeps below the pavement surface and causes damage.
  • Glare Reduction – Chip seal pavement also reduces the amount of glare on the surface compared to traditional asphalt, making for safer and more enjoyable driving conditions.
  • Self-Repairing – As temperatures rise, the asphalt binder softens up and flows together, causing any imperfections or small cracks to close. This natural process maintains the integrity of the pavement surface without requiring additional maintenance services.
Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Illinois

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