Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Arizona
BearCat Manufacturing makes the Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Arizona needs for its roads

When You Need the Top-Rated Chip Spreaders for Your Project, Look for BearCat

Building asphalt roads and parking lots takes the right equipment. So does maintaining them. It’s why you want the top-rated chip spreaders in Arizona to get the job done right. For years, BearCat Manufacturing has designed the leading asphalt equipment, which have been designed to perform accurately and efficiently every time. Chip sealing is one of the most effective methods for roadway repair, so this type of equipment is a popular and affordable option for your equipment needs. With a BearCat chip sealer, you can deliver a safe repair option that will extend the life of a road or parking lot for up to 12 more years. It’s the equipment your team wants on their side.

About BearCat Products

While BearCat offers top-rated chip spreaders in Arizona, we’re known for so much more. In fact, we have designed the best equipment for all your team’s road maintenance needs. While a BearCat chip spreader has been setting industry records for productivity for the past 10 years, our entire line of road maintenance equipment is known for having the highest performance in the industry. We’re known for our innovative equipment that is always right for your construction or repair job.

In addition to chip spreaders, BearCat features crack sealers for your maintenance needs as well as asphalt distributors. And or equipment lineup includes custom equipment such as our Roadtec spray paver. No matter what you’re looking for, we can provide the right machinery to suit your needs. We also offer flexible financing plans so your business can get moving on top-rated chip spreaders in Arizona today.

Trust the BearCat Name

BearCat Manufacturing was established in 1969 by Ken Hill and Don Carson. Together, these men built a name for building the top-rated road maintenance equipment in the industry. From the start, they focused on building innovative highway maintenance equipment, as well as technical innovation. It’s why today, BearCat products are still known for having the highest performance level and for simplifying roadway construction. BearCat designs are durable and built to last. Our goal is to always guarantee world-class equipment and customer service. And that’s why we’re trusted across the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Africa, and Europe.

If you're working with asphalt,  you need Bear Cat and its Top-Rated Chip Spreaders in Arizona on your side

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