Chip Seal Machines Arizona
A red BearCat chip spreader on display

Keep Up with Road Maintenance Using Chip Seal Machines in Arizona

The asphalt industry is active in Arizona! Between expanding local infrastructure and maintaining existing lots, roads and highways, the work never ends in the Grand Canyon State. Thankfully, with BearCat Manufacturing’s top-rated asphalt equipment, asphalt contractors can keep up with client demand. Our slate of road maintenance machinery is unmatched, especially when it comes to BearCat’s chip seal machines in Arizona.

Contractors’ and Clients’ #1 Asphalt Service!

In recent years, chip sealing has gained significant traction among contractors, landowners, and municipalities looking for the best ways to repair and restore pavement. The underlying pavement is rebound and reinforced by applying layers of liquid asphalt and aggregate asphalt chips to a roadway’s surface. With chip seal services, you can also expect benefits such as:

  • Increased durability and resistance against moisture, chemicals, UV rays and traffic
  • Extended longevity past pavement’s initial lifespan
  • Refresh of asphalt’s color
  • Increased skid-resistant roadways
  • Reduced glare for drivers on sunny days
  • Recycled materials lead to lower material costs
  • Simplified labor demands with the right equipment

What’s Need for Chip Sealing?

Of course, chip sealing services are impossible for your business to offer without the right chip seal machines in Arizona. With BearCat Manufacturing, your company can find everything it needs. From our trusted distributor trucks to custom equipment offerings, we enable contractors to achieve chip sealing and excel at it! Some of our chip seal machines include:

  • Distributor Trucks
    • The first step to chip sealing is the application of liquid asphalt to a pavement surface, which is possible with asphalt distributors. BearCat’s distributor trucks are top-of-line, giving contractors precise control over the rate, amount, and speed of asphalt application. And with tank capacities between 1,000 and 4,500 gallons, your team can manage any size of asphalt project.
  • Tandem Chippers
    • For chip spreaders that achieve high productivity rates and use precise digital controls, BearCat has you covered. Our Tandem Chippers come equipped with high-capacity belts, engine and hydraulic cooling systems, an adjustable spread hopper, and other impressive features. It’s no wonder our chip spreaders have been setting industry records for the past decade!
  • Custom Equipment & Systems
    • Some of BearCat’s more unique and custom equipment/systems are available to contractors in need. For example, we produce SP-200 Roadtec Spray Pavers to simplify chip sealing by combining liquid asphalt and aggregate chips into one mixture. Or, our cold-in-place recycling system allows contractors to recycle and reuse old asphalt while on a job site. Improve your chip sealing process with our specialized machinery!
Chip Seal Machines in Arizona applying asphalt and aggregate chips to a road

Give BearCat a Call!

Supplying your contracting business with the best available chip seal machines in Arizona is easy thanks to BearCat Manufacturing’s top-rated road maintenance machinery. To learn more about BearCat and our asphalt products, contact us today at 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and the United States.