Asphalt Crack Sealing
Red BearCat crack sealer machine

Proper Pavement Repair with Asphalt Crack Sealing

Ensuring lots, driveways and roadways are well-maintained is the job of asphalt contractors throughout the U.S. However, to meet the asphalt maintenance demands of businesses and city municipalities, asphalt contractors require the right equipment. Asphalt crack sealing, for example, can be quickly, safely and effectively implemented with crack sealer machines supplied by BearCat Manufacturing. Learn more about BearCat’s crack sealers by reaching out to our team!

Why Offer Crack Sealing?

As an asphalt contractor, asphalt crack sealing can seem like a minor service to offer clients. However, crack repair is essential in most asphalt repair and maintenance projects. Additionally, it’s a service that most clients can afford (and easy for companies to offer).

  • Easy to Implement
    • It doesn’t take a lot for a successful crack repair job. With minimal labor, materials, and a crack sealer machine, you can provide asphalt crack sealing services for nearly any size project. Crack sealing can be completed within hours, allowing drivers to traverse the freshly repaired pavement right away. Ultimately, crack repair is a service that’s easy to understand and implement.
  • Cost-Effective
    • As crack repair requires minimal labor and materials to complete, it’s a cost-effective service for asphalt contractors to offer. Additionally, the cost savings for material and labor reflect the affordable pricing you can offer clients. Even with crack sealing being a more affordable service, it’s still just as effective for repairing and maintaining asphalt roadways.
  • Great for Maintenance & Repair
    • Crack sealing can be offered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with additional pavement treatment services. For example, asphalt resurfacing is an excellent method for preserving existing pavement and extending its lifespan. However, to ensure resurfacing takes proper effect, crack sealing is done so asphalt isn’t spread over an already deteriorating base.

BearCat’s Crack Sealers

BearCat Manufacturing produces some of the most efficient crack sealing machines in the asphalt industry. Our all-diesel crack sealing machine has never been surpassed in sheer volume or daily production compared to other manufacturer machines. Furthermore, our machines offer quick start-up, excellent heating capacity, and fully comply with DOT regulations. Additional features of BearCat’s crack sealer machines include:

  • Two sealant loading doors
  • Door safety latches
  • Centrally located operating controls
  • Hose boom to minimize wear on the ground
  • Easy-to-operate temperature control panel
  • Rinse-free system
BearCat equipment for asphalt crack sealing

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Asphalt crack sealing isn’t the only service your asphalt paving business should offer! To ensure you have the necessary equipment for supplying fast, affordable, high-quality paving services, you require the best road maintenance equipment in the contracting industry. To learn more about BearCat’s selection of top-rated asphalt machines, call 928-684-7851. We are located at 3650 N Sabin Brown Rd, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. BearCat Manufacturing is headquartered in Arizona, serving clients throughout the United States.