Best Chip Seal Equipment
An asphalt distributor, part of BearCat's best chip seal equipment

Successfully Resurface Pavement with BearCat’s Best Chip Seal Equipment

Before property owners outright replace asphalt pavement, it’s worth considering asphalt resurfacing. And for contractors, asphalt resurfacing is a service you should always offer! However, not all resurfacing methods are the same; some require special machinery to implement successfully. Thankfully, with help from BearCat Manufacturing, your company can offer highly effective pavement resurfacing using the best chip seal equipment available.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Chip sealing is a preferred method for asphalt resurfacing, which adds greater strength, resistance and longevity to roadway surfaces. As such, chip seal is in high demand when asphalt crack repair isn’t enough. BearCat Manufacturing can supply you with everything you need to start offering high-quality chip seal services. Our chip seal equipment includes:

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • Chip sealing starts with applying liquid asphalt to a pavement’s surface. The liquid asphalt will act as the eventual binder for the aggregate chips soon to be placed over it. Even coats of liquid asphalt are sprayed via BearCat’s asphalt distributor. Our BC-502 Distributor is known as “the legend” in our industry, promising exceptional quality and durability compared to other distributor trucks.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • While hot asphalt is fresh, aggregate asphalt chips are spread over your lot or roadway and pressed into the surface to ensure proper binding. The spreading of these aggregate chips is accomplished via BearCat’s Tandem Chipper. Our asphalt aggregate chip spreader provides contractors with high production speed and precise control over the size of chips and rate of application.
  • Custom Equipment
    • BearCat’s distributors and chip spreaders aren’t the only systems we produce for chip sealing. Our custom equipment is designed to streamline chip sealing aspects and ensure a higher-quality chip seal road. For example, our SP-200 Roadtec Spray Paver combines liquid asphalt and aggregate chips into one mixture, applying both to a roadway surface in a single pass. Or, our precoat chip foaming system coats aggregate chips with hot asphalt, creating a stronger bond between chips and a pavement’s surface.

Pushing the Industry Forward

BearCat Manufacturing did not make a name for itself as a major asphalt equipment manufacturer by sitting idly by! BearCat continually strives to improve our machinery, crafting the best chip seal equipment in our industry. Our innovation began with a simple modification to a distributor truck’s cab and evolved into our vision to create high-production, green-incentivized equipment for asphalt contractors worldwide. Few manufacturers offer the same commitment to quality, simplicity, and affordability that BearCat can.

A chip spreader, part of BearCat's Best Chip Seal Equipment

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