Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Texas
The 20' Tandem Chipper, designed and built by BearCat MFG

The Best Selection of Top-Rated Chip Spreaders in Texas

BearCat Manufacturing provides world-class road maintenance equipment like our top-rated chip spreaders in Texas. You can choose from our 20-foot tandem chipper or our stealth 16-foot chipper. Both options give you the following great features:

  • Folding rear hopper
  • 275-horsepower Cummins engine
  • 20-inch to 30-inch, high-capacity belts
  • Computerized rate control
  • Hydraulic cooling systems
  • Hydrostatic drive system
  • Variable-width spread hopper

You can visit our website for the full spec sheet on the stealth 16-foot chipper and the full spec sheet on the tandem 20-foot chipperContact BearCat Manufacturing for more information about the best chip seal equipment in Texas, flexible financing options, and our customer schools.

Stealth 16’ Chip Spreader

This is the smaller option among our top-rated chip spreaders in Texas. With this machine, you can choose from 8-foot to 16-foot chip spread distribution. In addition, you receive the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance
    • Non-contacting ultra-sonic belt sensors deliver measurement of the chip pile height and offer on-off control of the belt speed.
  • CAM Position Cylinders
    • Sensing cylinders driven by a hydraulic system
    • Non-contacting Hall-effect percent open sensor
    • Accurate and reliable control of the gate position CAM
  • Design Features
    • 275HP Cummins QSB6.7L Tier3 6cyl. diesel.
    • Tier 4 engine available
    • Single operator station, swings left & right.
    • Front wheel drive (Optional 4WD).
    • State of the art Computer Rate Control (CRC).
    • Parts commonality with 10’ – 20’ Tandem Chipper
  • Spread Hopper
    • HSLA steel construction tandem hoppers extend from 8’ to 16’.
    • A 14” abrasion resistant auger moves materials to the outside gates.
    • No agitator or spread roll to wear or limit production.
    • Oversized objects pass through the largest opening in the industry.
    • The tandem design allows for straight line starts and minimal aggregate waste.

Tandem 20’ Chip Spreader

The larger option among our top-rated chip spreaders in Texas is known for high productivity. It comes with similar design features, spread hopper, CAM position cylinders, and low maintenance as the 16’ foot chipper. However, you receive the added benefit of a 10-foot to 20-foot extension on the go! This chipper also offers 30-inch, high-capacity belts.

Why Invest in Chip Seal Equipment?

You can position your road maintenance business favorably during the bid process with several unique benefits with our top-rated chip spreaders in Texas. Our chip seal equipment and systems deliver better performance and more safety on pavement for your customers. The biggest reasons to invest in our chip seal equipment are the following benefits:

  • Chip seal surfaces offer safer driving conditions due to less glare and greater skid resistance.
  • Roads, parking lots, driveways, and more last longer with chip seal surfaces. They prevent moisture, water, oil, gas, and other harmful chemicals from seeping into the pavement and degrading base layers.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced with chip seal because you no longer need crack sealing services. Plus, the chip seal repairs itself during periods of high heat because the bonding agent softens and flows together to repair deformities.
Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Texas

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