Asphalt Equipment for Rent
The BC-502 Asphalt Distributor, designed and built by BearCat MFG

Do You Need Asphalt Equipment for Rent?

When purchasing new machinery is not an option, BearCat Manufacturing can provide asphalt equipment for rent. With a wide selection of asphalt distributors, asphalt crack sealers, and asphalt chip spreaders, we have everything you need. Whether your asphalt contracting business is small in scale or contains hundreds of pieces of equipment, we provide the equipment and parts you need to get the job done. If you need asphalt equipment for rent, contact BearCat Manufacturing now to request rates or secure the equipment you need.

When It Makes Sense to Rent Asphalt Equipment

There are many reasons why our business partners take advantage of our available asphalt equipment for rent. Renting offers practical and cost-effective benefits in certain cases. Here are some of the most common reasons road crews use our rental equipment:

  • A large-scale road construction project requires additional equipment for a temporary amount of time.
  • Your asphalt contracting business wants to try out a piece of asphalt equipment before you buy it.
  • One of your company’s machines broke down and you need a last-minute replacement machine to finish a job while your equipment gets repaired.

No matter the reason, BearCat Manufacturing makes it quick and easy to get the asphalt equipment for rent you need to complete your project.

Looking for Asphalt Distributors for Rent?

BearCat Manufacturing rentals offer the perfect solution to complete road maintenance, parking lot, driveway, or other projects. We can provide you with a great selection of late-model, low-hour asphalt distributor rentals at competitive rates. Our solutions when it comes to asphalt distributors include the following:

  • BC 502 Asphalt Distributor – This model of asphalt spreader has become an industry legend due to its unsurpassed level of productivity. It comes standard with a spray bar, steel tank, computerized rate control, and a heating system.
  • Granulated Rubber Asphalt Distributor – Like the BC 502, our granulated rubber asphalt distributor moves large pieces of viscous materials. These machines easily transport viscous material with an internal auger, high-performance diesel burners, and oversized inlet pipes.

Trying to Find Asphalt Crack Sealers to Rent?

If you are trying out new pieces of equipment before your buy, BearCat Manufacturing offers affordable asphalt equipment for rent, including crack sealers. We offer some of the most efficient crack sealing machines available in the industry. Our equipment features an efficient heating and circulation system that reduces project delays, increases productivity, and lowers overall cost per project. Our crack sealers come standard with the following attractive features:

  • Versatile controls allowing automatic or manual operation.
  • Sealant tank capacity of either 250 or 400 gallons.
  • Two sealant loading doors for easy access.
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel-oil burner with automatic ignition.
  • Environmentally friendly flush-free system.
  • Closed loop, flow-controlled hot oil heating system.

Find Affordable Chip Spreaders for Rent

BearCat Manufacturing also offers rental solutions for your chip seal projects. We have made chip spreaders that have outperformed industry standards for decades. You receive incredible convenience, versatility, and precision when applying aggregate chips to roadways with our machines. With high-capacity belts, computerized controls, folding rear hoppers and additional features, our chip spreaders deliver some of the best features on the market. When it comes to our asphalt equipment for rent, we provide two chip spreader options:

  • 20’ Tandem Chipper – This machine gives you a 10-to-20-foot extension for use on the go. It is a larger, faster, and stronger option than our smaller model.
  • Stealth 16’ Tandem Chipper – This slightly smaller model is still incredibly effective and outperforms alternative machines. It includes a folding rear hopper, high-capacity belts, and computerized rate control.
Asphalt Equipment for Rent

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BearCat Manufacturing offers a wide range of asphalt equipment for rent. Contact us today to request a rate quote or learn more information about our products. We make it easy to get the machines you need when you are searching for the best asphalt equipment rentals near you!