Top-Rated Asphalt Distributors Texas
The Crumb Rubber Asphalt Distributor Designed and Manufactured by BearCat MFG

Top-Rated Asphalt Distributors in Texas for Sale

If you are looking for the best pavement equipment, then contact BearCat Manufacturing for a quote on our top-rated asphalt distributors in Texas. Since 1969, our company has served a recognized industry leader providing the best asphalt machinery and the best asphalt distributors. We engineer our asphalt trucks to provide uniform application of materials. The bond coating applied to the pavement surface acts as a glue that unifies the existing pavement layers with new ones. As a result, you wind up with pavement layers that are bonded into one, strengthened pavement layer throughout, improving the durability and strength of the pavement. Get in touch with BearCat Manufacturing now to request a free estimate or more information about our asphalt machinery.

The Top 5 Benefits of Our Asphalt Distributors

Our asphalt distributors deliver critical benefits to your pavement maintenance business that improve efficiency, performance, and speed. Also, your company can save on labor manpower and costs with our top-rated asphalt distributors in Texas. Here are some of the most desired benefits your company can realize with our distributor trucks:

  • Reduced Manpower and Labor Demands – Applying liquid asphalt manually is labor-intensive and requires more time and manpower than most companies can afford. Our asphalt distributor trucks minimize the amount of people required to do the job. As a result, you can cut the labor required for each job, take less time on each job, and increase your workload. Most importantly, your business becomes more productive and increases revenue!
  • Asphalt Gets Spread Evenly – For desired bonding between pavement layers, the bond coat must be applied uniformly. With our top-rated distributors in Texas, you can uniformly apply liquid asphalt to achieve ideal bonding.
  • More Strength for Pavement – The bond coating applied by our asphalt trucks minimizes damage from top-down cracking and enhances pavement strength. Consequently, the application process helps to extend the pavement’s lifespan.
  • Manage Material Waste – Asphalt distributors also cut down material waste on each job by making sure that only the required amount of bond coating is applied.
  • Better Pavement Safety – You can create a less slick pavement surface in wet driving conditions with a tack coating applied by our distributor trucks. As a result, the risk of skidding or hydroplaning during difficult driving conditions is greatly reduced.

Why Choose BearCat Asphalt Distributors?

BearCat Manufacturing provides more value than alternative products with benefits only offered by our top-rated asphalt distributors in Texas. Our company places a priority on features that create better convenience, durability, and efficiency with our asphalt distributors. Also, our long-lasting asphalt machines make the paving process streamlined. Thus, your company can complete work faster and spend less on materials. In addition, our most desired features on our asphalt distributors include:

  • Steel tanks with sizes from 1,000 to 5,000 gallons
  • Closed loop hydrostatic pump drive system
  • Tri-valve manifolds
  • State of the art Computer Rate Control (CRC)
  • Heating system with heated asphalt pump
  • Spray bar and spray valves
  • Unloading and braking systems
Top-Rated Asphalt Distributors Texas

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Would you like more information about how your business can benefit from our top-rated asphalt distributors in Texas? Then, contact BearCat Manufacturing now to get a free estimate and all the product information you need. If you prefer, you can also call us at 928-684-7851. In addition to the best asphalt machinery, we offer our clients world-class customer service before and after sales.