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New crack sealers in Texas

The Best Crack Sealers in Texas for Effective Asphalt Repair

As pavement conditions across the Lone Star State continue to improve year over year, much of that is thanks to the hard work of experienced asphalt contractors! And these same contractors understand what it takes to achieve the most effective asphalt repair: the best asphalt equipment from BearCat Manufacturing! For example, BearCat’s crack sealers for Texas ensure quick and long-lasting repairs for any pavement surface.

The Necessity of Crack Sealers

In truth, there’s no good reason why an asphalt contracting company shouldn’t have crack sealing machines. Crack sealers ensure contractors have a simple, cost-effective method for applying asphalt repairs. Furthermore, clients choose crack repair as an affordable alternative to other asphalt restoration techniques. Crack sealing services ensure:

  • Protection Against the Effects of Deterioration
    • Unfortunately, crack repair won’t outright prevent asphalt deterioration. However, crack sealing does an effective job of reversing some of the effects of deterioration. By sealing cracks, contractors prevent moisture and chemicals from seeping in and further eroding pavement. Additionally, binding cracks help reduce the impact of heavy traffic on busy roadways.
  • Increased Driver and Pedestrian Safety
    • When pavement begins to crack, it’s only a matter of time before portions of your road unravel and crumble. And for drivers, crumbling pavement creates a driving hazard that can damage vehicle undercarriages and cause potential accidents. Furthermore, loose gravel and pavement can be dangerous for pedestrians to traverse. Sealing cracks helps keep roads safe for everyone.
  • Excellent Cost Benefits
    • As already mentioned, crack sealing is an affordable asphalt repair option. This is due to the simplicity of the service. With crack sealers in Texas, contractors can ensure quick asphalt repair using minimal materials and labor. In turn, what contractors save on labor and material costs translates to affordable yet competitive pricing for readily available services!

Our Crack Sealers

Of BearCat’s asphalt equipment offerings, our crack sealers are some of the best! Our BK-250 and BK-400 Rubber Crack Sealing Machines allow operators to achieve higher production rates while lowering costs per shift. Each machine is quick to start and easy to maneuver, ensuring a smooth crack repair process. Some of our crack sealers’ best features include:

  • Sealant tank capacity of 250-400 gallons
  • Easily accessible sealant loading doors
  • Easy-to-operate computer control system
  • Environmentally friendly flush-free system
  • Heated hose box for immediate application of sealant
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel-oil burner with automatic ignition
  • Closed indirect heating system with absolute flow control
A red crack sealer machine in Texas, designed and manufactured by BearCat

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