Asphalt Distributor Trailer
An asphalt distributor trailer designed by BearCat Manufacturing

Manage Any Asphalt Job with an Asphalt Distributor Trailer

Ensuring your company is equipped with the right machinery is crucial to the success of an asphalt contracting business. As such, distributor trucks, crack sealers, and other road maintenance equipment is necessary for your business. However, instead of settling for asphalt distributor trucks, BearCat Manufacturing can offer an alternative that might work better for your business: an asphalt distributor trailer. Discover why your business could benefit from a trailer over a truck when discussing your paving needs with BearCat!

Trailers Versus Trucks

Although the differences between an asphalt distributor truck or trailer might seem minimal, they make a difference for contractors and their clients. Dependent on your company’s needs, BearCat can help select the equipment that ensures the most “bang for your buck.”

  • Manage Smaller Projects
    • While effective in their function, Distributor trucks aren’t the most maneuverable vehicles. When it comes to completing large roadways or lots, distributor trucks are necessary for finishing a job accurately and on time. However, it makes less sense to use a large asphalt distributor for smaller lots or driveways. Instead, a trailer can utilize a smaller tank and be hooked to more compact vehicles, allowing easier maneuvering for precise projects.
  • Money Savings
    • While an asphalt distributor truck might be perfect for your business, the price might not. Considering you aren’t only paying for the asphalt distributor but the truck cab attached, distributor trucks might be outside your budget. Conversely, distributor trailers are significantly more affordable. Especially if you have an available truck for your paving business, you need a trailer to ensure effective asphalt spraying for a reasonable price.
  • Easily Customizable
    • BearCat makes it simple to update and customize our asphalt distributor trailers. Starting with a base asphalt pull trailer, we can equip computerized control systems, spray bars, temperature gauges, dust control systems and more. Your asphalt distributor trailer is versatile, providing the same function as asphalt distributor trucks but on a smaller, more customizable frame.

Additional Asphalt Equipment

Of course, asphalt distributor trailers aren’t the only machines produced and sold by BearCat Manufacturing. Since 1969, our innovative and technical designs have pushed production in the asphalt paving industry forward. For example, our crack sealing machines have the highest production rate of other crack sealers in our industry. Moreover, our chip spreaders and distributor trucks ensure a highly-efficient chip seal process for any job. And BearCat’s selection of custom equipment and systems can further improve your company’s asphalt paving capabilities.

An asphalt distributor truck designed by BearCat Manufacturing

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