Chip Seal Equipment for Sale
BearCat's Tandem Chipper, part of their chip seal equipment for sale

Looking to Offer Chip Seal Service? Find the Best Chip Seal Equipment for Sale

Chip seal service is popular among businesses, private property owners and city municipalities. Rather than outright replacing asphalt or sealing cracks in pavement, chip sealing provides a new, anti-glare, skid-resistant surface to asphalt. Needless to say, asphalt contractors should all have the equipment and capability to offer such a service! If all you need is chip seal equipment for sale, BearCat Manufacturing can help. We offer high-quality, versatile, and high-production machinery for asphalt contractors in need.

What’s Needed for Chip Sealing?

BearCat Manufacturing designs and manufactures two of the most essential machinery for chip and seal service: our asphalt distributors and chip spreaders. We also produce custom equipment and systems that add further versatility to chip seal and asphalt paving operations.

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • To bind asphalt aggregate chips to your roadway, a layer of liquid asphalt must first be applied to the surface. This is done via asphalt distributor trucks and trailers. BearCat’s BC-502 Asphalt Distributor is known as “the legend” in the industry, lending to its incredible quality and durability. Our distributors efficiently cover liquid asphalt over pavement, completing the first step in the chip seal process.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • After fresh asphalt has been applied to a roadway, aggregate asphalt chips are spread over the asphalt surface and followed by a steam roller to press the chip further into the pavement. For this step, an asphalt aggregate chip spreader is needed. With BearCat, we supply contractors with high-production chip spreaders. Our Tandem Chippers use computerized speed controls and high-capacity belts to quickly and evenly apply aggregate chips to asphalt.
  • Additional Equipment & Systems
    • In addition to our distributors and chip spreaders, BearCat produces custom equipment to further improve chip sealing and asphalt paving. One such piece of equipment, the SP-200 Roadtec Spray Paver, combines the functions of our distributors and chip spreaders in one extensive machine. Other systems, like our Cold-in-Place recycling, can recycle old asphalt into usable liquid asphalt without leaving a job site.

The Industry Standard

Since 1969, BearCat Manufacturing has developed new equipment to transform the quality and productivity of asphalt paving. It all started with a modified asphalt distributor, making for easy control from the cab of a truck. Since then, BearCat has come up with innovative asphalt machine designs that continually set the standard for the asphalt industry. Today, BearCat is known worldwide for its highly-productive, green-incentivized machinery.

An asphalt distributor in the sunset, part of BearCat's Chip Seal Equipment for Sale

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