Chip Spreaders Illinois
Red chip spreaders in Illinois, manufactured by BearCat

The Power of Top-Rated Chip Spreaders for Illinois Contractors

Nothing beats the power, quality and speed of BearCat’s chip spreaders in Illinois. Asphalt contractors in the state and across the Midwest continually search for the best equipment for quick and accurate chip seal services, and BearCat’s Tandem Chippers fit the bill. Your asphalt business’s success depends on your crew’s skill and the quality of your equipment. And as every contractor knows, BearCat Manufacturing only offers the best chip seal equipment.

Highly Effective Asphalt Treatment

Municipalities and property owners understand how challenging it can be to keep up with asphalt maintenance, especially in the Midwest! For this reason, chip seal services are the asphalt treatment of choice for most. And when considering all the advantages of having roadways restored via chip seal treatment, it’s hard not to see why!

  • Increased Longevity of Asphalt
    • Although asphalt roadways are meant to last for a long time, issues like heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, moisture and UV rays can significantly impact pavement lifespan. Thus, many property owners opt to apply chip seal overlays to their asphalt. Chip sealing can protect pavement against the aforementioned issues and extend its life by as much as 12 years.
  • Greater Safety for Drivers
    • As asphalt ages, it tends to be less “reliably safe” for drivers. Issues like crumbling asphalt and uneven pavement can lead to slipping, accidents and vehicle damage. Thankfully, through chip sealing, issues of driver safety are quickly resolved. Chip sealing not only rebinds crumbling pavement but also creates greater traction, reducing the likelihood of skidding and slippage. Additionally, chip seal surfaces are anti-glare, reducing eye strain for drivers on sunny days.
  • Improved Cost Savings for Contractors & Clients
    • Not only is chip sealing effective, but it’s affordable to boot! The materials used for chip sealing are mostly recycled asphalt, meaning materials cost significantly less. Additionally, labor requirements are minimal when using distributors and chip spreaders in Illinois. With reduced labor and material costs involved in chip spreading, contractors save money and pass those savings on to their clients.

Essential Equipment for Chip Seal Service

As popular a service as chip sealing is, it requires specific equipment to implement effectively. At BearCat Manufacturing, we have the asphalt machinery you need to provide the best asphalt treatment solutions. Our Tandem Chippers are designed to outlast and outperform other similar machines on the market, ensuring the highest quality and greatest durability. Some features of our chip spreaders include:

  • Tier 3 or 4 6-cycle diesel engine
  • Hydraulic cooling system to ensure standard operating temperatures
  • State of the art Computer Rate Control (CRC)
  • Hydraulically driven position-sensing cylinders
  • HSLA steel construction tandem hoppers for straight line starts and minimal aggregate waste
  • Low maintenance, non-contacting ultra-sonic belt sensors for measurement of chip pile height
Chip Spreaders in Illinois in a warehouse, ready to be delivered to local asphalt contractors

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